21 Zombie Bears Audio Book Bonus Episode

Rima and Shawn Shawn’s audio book has brought you an exciting bonus episode for Zombie Bears. It was published as the language of the Bromans episode but Strange was actually very good not to share with fans.

In the early days of Language of Bromans, Richard and Shawn recorded episode 02H Zombie Bear. This episode inspired Shawn to write his first script. After sitting for years, they both felt it was time to share the world. Being inspired by Kevin Smith The reading of the hit Somebody and Will Wilkins together has an amazing sound effect. Shawn sits down to read the Zombie Bears and combines the background audio to give that delightful sound.

So sit back and take inspirational audio script readings in this exciting Midnight B movie. You will travel to Colorado with Gary, Sarah, Mark and Mercy. Not only will you fall in love with human character, you will meet Rose The Amazing Lab.

Listen to this special bonus episode for The Language of Bromans Episode 187 Zombie Bear The Audio Book.

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