25 "Out of the past" (Modified carbon S1E1)

This is the final review of the first episode of Netflix’s modified Carbon Season 1 titled “The Past”. Awakening in a new body 250 years after his death, Takeshi Kovacs discovers that he has been resurrected to help one of the art titans solve his own murder.

Rima and Shawn broke their top five from the episode as well as sharing notes about the episode. Tune in to hear the news of changed carbon and Netflix. Then listen to the letters from the opposite direction Rima and Shawn share the response of the audience.

Hold a new sleeve on Altard Carbon with Rima and Sean Episode 25 “From the Past” (modified Carbon S1E1).

The next week’s episode of the second episode of the Rima and Shawn Netflix series, titled “Fallen Angels,” describes the episode as “when Kovacs finds a man sending death threats to Bancroft, Lieutenant Ortega bends the rules to keep tabs.”

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