35 Poor frontier lions

The Language of Bromans again brings this public service announcement for you about how nature is trying to kill you. After seeing Revenant with Leonardo DiCaprio Richard and Shawn discuss how your bears should be feared, even when they are just CGI.

In this episode, the boys are associated with Leonardo DiCaprio’s method character. You can meet Frontier Leo who loves nature and is trying to stay warm by the fire. What about Inception Leo that very badly wants to wake up from his dreams. Don’t forget the Wolf of Leo on Wall Street who has promised to invest your money wisely. And last but not least you will find Titanic Leo who just wants a place at the awful door.

With all these special guests, Bruce can discuss Leonardo DiCaprio’s acting style and his thoughts on not getting an Oscar. How not being given an Oscar has caused a split in her relationship with Kate Winslet, Matt Damon and James Cameron. Why Kate Winslet will never work with DiCaprio again and why Ridley Scott doesn’t know Leo K. The boys will play how the 201 Matt Oscar will be when Matt Damon is declared the winner. Poor Leo can’t take a break.

Listen to The Language of Bromans in Episode P5 Poor Frontier Leo.

Next week Rima and Shawn will cover the first episode of the Netflix series “Space Lost in Space”.

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