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By David Rather

Vladivostok is not an old city by Russian standards. In fact, even by American standards, it is relatively young. Located on the Russian coast of the Sea of ​​Japan, it was originally established in 1860 as a naval base of the Russian Empire. The name of the city means “Lord of the East.” It is now a picturesque town, looking like its mountains and windy, foggy climate in San Francisco. The city is far from almost everything: it is seven Day By train from Moscow.

Despite such distance, the 1918 Russian Revolution was able to reach distant Vladivostok. Stepan Zakharenko, a poor chocolate factory worker, got into a street fight between the Whites and the Reds (Bolsheviks). Stepan was anti-Bolshevik, and he died in battle. His widowed wife and three sons then fled Vladivostok to San Francisco.

Meanwhile, a good family who owned a candle and soap factory and owned a country estate in southern Russia also fled the country to San Francisco. The daughter of this family, Maria, was wounded when she met Nikolai, the son of Zakharenko. They fall in love and get married. The young couple were poor, Nikolai worked as a day laborer in San Francisco. Maria’s Russian childhood dreams of becoming an actress and dancer were thwarted by family struggles.

In 1938, Maria gave birth to her first child, Natalia Nikolaevna Zakharenko. She was known to her friends as Natasha. Natasha grew up speaking and reading Russian and grew up in the Russian Orthodox Church. He was a charming, farewell child and was finally noticed by a film crew while shooting in their new home in Santa Rosa, California.

Maria jumped for interest in her daughter and the family soon moved to Santa Monica, CA to live closer to Hollywood. Maria gave her daughter a new stage name because, well, Natalia Nikolaevna Jharkharenko was not a name you want to see in the movie theater marquee. So he changed his daughter’s name to Natalie Wood.

Natalie starred in a number of minor episodes, including starring opposite Orson Wells and Kalode Is Forever (1946). This was his first major role in the 34th Street (1947) favorite Christmas classic Miracle when he was nine years old. Natalie has played the role of Sujan Walker, the daughter of a single mother and the executive of Macy. Yes, that little girl believes Edmund Nguyen Santa Claus was Natalie Wood.

Over the next five years, Natalie appeared in twenty films as a child, usually playing the role of a charming girl. She grew up in the movie studio lot and soundstage, receiving her education in the dressing room under California law. In her teens, she became more beautiful, more glamorous, and more skilled as an actress. In 1955, when he was just 16, Wood starred opposite him Rebel Without a Cause in James Dean and Sal Minio classic Nicholas Ray. It was a groundbreaking film. Despite being nominated for a Best Supporting Actress for the Oscars, it didn’t seem to do much for her career.

He attended Van Nuys High School, a public high school in Los Angeles, where one of his classmates was Robert Redford. Those years of teenage stars, however, were marred by a horrific crime. When she was just 15 years old, Wood was accused of rape by a big Hollywood star. It was a brutal attack. He never mentioned the incident, but his sister Lana confirmed it.

As the victims of rape will prove, the trauma of such a crime does not go away easily. Especially if no one talks about it. Especially if, as alleged, her mother told her not to talk about it and her rapist threatened her if she did. When silence descends on the crime, the victim is left alone to deal with those memories. Rape preys on its silent victims. It gets bigger when the rapist is widely admired and sculpted.

Still, Natalie continues. She married her boyfriend, actor Robert Wagner. By 1961, however, his career had taken a turn for the worse and he began to see at the age of 23. But then, ka-pao! He played the brilliant tunes of Ilya Kazan, Splendor in Grass, And later that year, Stephen Sandham / Leonard Bernstein led the movie version and followed it. Romeo and Juliet The story, the story of the West. He didn’t sing (another singer did it for him), but still his acting was interesting.

The following year, Wood was at another musical, Gypsy (1962). And this time, he actually did the song. He followed it by appearing in a powerful drama, Love With a Proper Stranger (1963).

It is one of the most notable strings of performances in the history of Hollywood. She was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress in 1961 for her role in Splendor in the Grass, and two years later for her role in Love With a Proper Stranger (1963). Of these, he appeared in two of the greatest musicals of all time. All of this, no doubt, is the paralyzed trauma processing of rape a few years ago. From this time his films are worthy of reconsideration, especially Grasse Splendor Or inside Daisy Clover (1965) – both of which come with age stories.

Despite years of fighting to suppress the horrors, the weight of the trauma eventually weighed on Wood. She married Wagner in 1962, but she continued to work. He made a series of films with many of the top men of the 1960s: Tony Curtis, Jack Lemon, Peter Fock, and Robert Redford. However, in 1966, he withdrew from the film, fired his entire management team (agents, managers, everyone) and paid Warner Bros. 5 175,000 to exit his contract. He went into therapy and did not appear in any other films until 1969, starring Bob and Carroll, Ted and Alice.. That same year she married Richard Gregson, a prominent British agent. A year later, she gave birth to her daughter Natasha.

Wood worked in television in the 1970s and early 1980s. In 1972, she divorced Gregson and remarried Wagner, but it was not a perfect marriage. They were known to argue bitterly, loudly and frequently. In late 1981, he was making the film Brainstorm (1982) with Christopher Walken. One evening, Walken joins Wood and Wagner in their boat off the coast of Catalina Island, Southern California. The heavy drinking started and somehow, he fell off the boat and drowned. The circumstances of his tragic death remain a matter of controversy, and new revelations have continued in recent years.

Suffice it to say, Natalia Nikolaevna Zakharenko died at a very young age of 43, but she left us with many enlightened performances. And the complex nature of his life compels them even more. There is something deeply Russian about his life. When I see him in movies now, I can’t help but think, “But wait, you should still make movies. You should be the shining beautiful star of one hundred movies. ”

Of course I have no right to that claim. I’m just a movie fan. I never knew him. And yet, I still miss Natalie Wood.

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