Movies and one million more meals

UPDATE: We’ve reached the goal of donating one million meals!

Many thanks to the members of DVD Netflix, like us for helping make this possible. We are grateful that our members have made the last two million food campaigns a success. You’ve helped us contribute to communities across America, and we couldn’t do it without you. Stay tuned for another campaign with Feeding America this winter!

We received a letter from our partners at Feeding America highlighting the impact of the millions of meals that DVD Netflix members have helped us donate:

I wanted to give you an update on the Disaster Response of the Feeding America Network on Hardken Idea, which landed in Louisiana as a Category 4 hurricane with 150 miles of wind. Ida-Louisiana, bound for the fifth-strongest hurricane to hit the mainland of the United States, is traveling through Mississippi as a tropical storm, leaving extensive destruction and devastation. At least one death has been reported and more than ten million people in the state, including the entire city of New Orleans, have lost power.

The Feeding America Network is committed to providing food to people affected by hurricanes and we are in close coordination with all affected food banks. At the national level, we have allocated 26 truckloads of loads – representing more than 9 969,000 in relief supplies – to help food banks complement their local relief efforts.

Based on what we have learned so far from the affected food bank, Feeding America has made a call for help as we continue to work with our network on the long road to recovery.

Storm Prep, Feeding America, Feeding Louisiana And its members, including Second Harvest Food Bank of Greater New Orleans and Acadiana, Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank, Food Bank of Central Louisiana (Alexandria), Northwest Louisiana Food Bank (Shreveport) and Food Bank of Northeast Louisiana (Monroe), have worked together since last week to coordinate relief efforts. We learned that the Central Louisiana Food Bank, Northwest Louisiana Food Bank, and Northeast Louisiana Food Bank did not suffer any hurricanes; They continue to check in with their respective partner agencies. Early relief response will be focused on food bank members in the New Orleans and Baton Rouge areas.

Feeding America and Regional Partner StatesFeeding Texas, Alabama Food Bank Association And Feeding Florida) Is monitoring demand across the Gulf coast, including Mississippi, and is gathering potential mutual support to support network members in the region. Once the IDA is passed, the affected food banks will likely make specific requests for assistance once they have the opportunity to assess the losses. Additional prepared food, water and sanitation supplies are expected to be needed to support local relief efforts.

On the west coast, Northern California is on fire, and the entire Lake Tahoe Basin is now on evacuation alert. Member food banks in California and Nevada continue to respond to the needs of neighbors affected by the fires and other fires, including Dixie, Monument and McFarland Fires. The Contra Costa and Solano Food Bank (Location of Concord, CA and Fairfield, CA), Pleasure Food Bank (Roseville, CA) and Food Bank of Northern Nevada (Sparks, NV) Feeding is helping refugees with existing Food Bank inventory and on-stage disaster supplies from the U.S. National Office. These food banks continue to work with local governments and agencies to deliver kitchen-free disaster boxes, prepared meals and water to people in fire-risk communities.

Through the sympathy and cooperation of Food Bank staff, volunteers, partner organizations, and caring supporters like you, it has been possible to feed America’s disaster response efforts. Thank you for your ongoing support of our critical response work.

Still hungry to help? Feeding America’s nationwide network of food banks preserves and distributes more than 6 billion foods each year through food pantry and food programs across the United States. Find and contact your local community food bank Here.

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