A Little Spark of Madness: The Legacy of Robin Williams

Actor Robin Williams touched the lives of millions of people. He first entered our family as Morok from Orc Morocco and Mindy, A show that represents my early trace memories of broadcast television. Sound flew from his mouth at strange speeds, advertising on camera, mental gymnastics impressive, if not inhuman. Maybe, maybe, he was actually an alien from another galaxy. At the very least a lively, breathless cartoon. A younger generation recognized Williams as Disney’s motorbike gene through his voicework. Aladdin (1992)) And father-in-law-disguise Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)).

He was born out of his witty, unbalanced, restless brain, with the heartwarming performance inherent in the subtle tragedy and the hard-won joy of being human. We easily think of it as dramatic, presumably as a contrasting type of film Society of dead poets (1989) and Goodwill (1997), but he maintained a balance of comedy with dramatic acting throughout his career. We have considered these roles “against the type” as a result of the tendency to open the pigeon to him as a funny man rather than an actor. While shooting Morocco and Mindy, He has created both Popeye (1980) and According to Garp, the world (1982). Williams appeared in 1991 Sesame road, Steven Spielberg Hook, Of Terry Gilliam Fisher King, And Kenneth Branna’s Dead Again. He chose a project that challenged him as an actor, never falling short of his 100-megawatt personality. Most importantly, and I think it comes down to his best performance, he gave a voice without clutches and shorthand to outcasts and weird sounds. He brought out the underwritten characters and linked the cartoons (both drawing and live-action type).

Robin Williams celebrated his 70th birthday on July 21, 2021. What if Did Williams’ career slow down due to a weak mental disorder? What if Was he able to continue his extraordinary success without the professional frustration that he was suffering towards the end of his life?

Seven years after his death, I will still watch a great Robin Williams performance and fight the latent tears. If you need more cathartic cries, check out Marina Genovich’s great 2018 documentary Robin Williams: Come to my mind. Wait until Billy Crystal (his longtime friend and Comic Relief Partner) and Pam Dobar (his) Morocco and Mindy Co-star) Talk about Robin’s last days. Once you got the cry, its stand-up film row, Robin Williams: Live on Broadway (2002). She wanted a dose of condensed laughter to balance the tears.

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