Classic actors who were athletes at the Summer Olympics

In Buster Crab

1928 Olympics, Amsterdam: A bronze medal

1932 Olympics, Los Angeles: A gold medal

Booster Crab is another Olympian who played Tarzan (in serial format), but he is probably best known for playing Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers in the successful Universal Picture series.

Crabbe was another swimming star who competed against Weissmুলller on behalf of the United States Olympic team at the 1 am2 Amsterdam Olympics. At the 1928 Summer Olympics, he won a bronze medal in swimming 1,500 meters, freestyle. He competed again at the 1932 Los Angeles Summer Olympics and won two things: an Olympic gold medal for the men’s 400m freestyle in swimming … and a film contract.

At the 1932 Olympics, a talent scout for Paramount Pictures selected 40 athletes for a screen test; Among them was Crabbe, who signed a contract. It changed the course of his career towards acting instead of becoming a lawyer following his 1983 death.

Crabbe was known as “The King of Serials”, but did not take his film role seriously. He was still passionate about physical fitness, and continued to swim two miles every day, he said in an interview in 1980 at the age of 72.

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