Steve Martin Movies’ Effective Comedy

By David Rather

In the fall of 1977, I went to see Steve Martin perform in the 5,000-seat Northrop Auditorium in Minneapolis. Martin did two sold-out shows that night as part of the national tour. It was a solo show – just him, his banjo, some floppy rabbit ears, balloon animals and a spotlight. At the time, Martin was one of the greatest comedians ever seen in the United States. Her appearance on Saturday Night Live received rave reviews and she also had a hit album and a best-selling book.

It was one of the best stand-up performances I’ve ever seen (and believe me, I’ve seen a lot of them). Martin, in his white, vested suit, bunker haircut, and huge, toothy smile, looks like the guy you saw at a golf club summer party about how he handled that bunker in the 13th green bend.

And then he pulled out his banjo and balloon creatures and began a 45-minute manic, irrational, absolutely brilliant stand-up comedy.

Martin and Richard Prior were two of the great stand-ups of the 180’s and early ‘0’s. Prior has released two notable concert films: Richard Prior Live in Concert (1979) and Richard Prior: Live on the Sunset Strip (1982). I recommend both of them. Prier had a film career as an actor, but her best work was these concert films, especially the latter. Martin has never filmed a concert, which is very bad because his stand-up shows have always been obscene, insulting fun. In 1979, he moved to an almost full-time film career. It started well within the parameters of his stand-up-nonsense stories which was very funny and intensely silly. In the late 1900s, his films began to lean towards traditional storytelling, often touched by an underlying depression.

Steve Martin was born in Waco, Texas in August 1945, making him one of the baby boomers. He grew up in Orange County, California. Now, the Orange County where he grew up is not one of the most luxurious beach towns like Laguna or Newport Beach. Martin grew up in Garden Grove, a working-class town, where he attended public school and graduated from Garden Grove High School. As a teenager, Martin worked at Disneyland and was fascinated by magic shows there. He developed himself as a magician.

After high school, Martin enrolled at nearby Santa Ana Community College and studied philosophy. “If you study geology – which is all true – you forget it all as soon as you get out of school,” he said. “But philosophy, you’ll remember enough to make you feel bad for the rest of your life.”

While in school, Martin was active in local drama productions, including co-productions he often co-wrote. Finally, in 1967, he decided to take a big step north on the 405 freeway and entered the UCLA, where he turned his major into theater. An ex-girlfriend who appeared Smaders Brothers Comedy Hour, Show-Runner brought his writing to the attention of Mason Williams, who hired him as a writer on the show.

Smadars Brothers Comedy Hour It was one of the most popular “diversity shows” of the time Ed Sullivan show (Which has been introduced Beatles and Elvis Presley to national audiences), What Lawrence shows, Carol Barnett Show, And Arthur Murray Dance Party. If you are looking for old fashioned, entertaining entertainment then you can’t go wrong with different shows.

Smadars Brothers Comedy Hour The target was a much younger audience, which set it apart from the rest. The show often had political satire and sharp humor. It was a huge hit for CBS and won an Emmy for the writing staff, including Martin. It was also a major setback for CBS management due to its political position, such as the Vietnam War – which eventually canceled the show.

The writing room in the show is considered one of the best in the history of television.

Martin also appeared as a contestant during his time on the show Dating games. He won a date with Dean Martin’s (!) Daughter Dina Martin. That answer won him over? His response to the question of what kind of store you want to stay locked up overnight. Bachelor # 1 said a sporting goods store because he loved to ski. Bachelor # 3 said it was an Italian restaurant because his grandmother was a good chef. Steve Martin (Bachelor # 2) said a goodwill store because he can try using old crazy clothes.

Later Smadars Brothers Comedy Hour As it turned out, Martin devoted himself more intensely to the stand-up. However, he was a completely different kind of stand-up comic from his contemporaries: he didn’t actually joke. While at Santa Ana Community College, Martin read a book about comedy and it gave rise to a thought:

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