Michael Keaton’s Wildly Diversity Career

By David Rather

Looks like Michael Keaton will do any kind of movie looking at his filmography. Consider the films he made in 2014:

  1. RoboCup. The original Robocop (1987) was a fun and basically tongue-in-cheek movie. They decided to go for a great The Terminator (1984) mood for this reboot and the result was really good.

  2. Need for speed. Although I’ve missed a lot of movies since 2014, I’m fairly confident that it was one of the worst. It is based on a video game. Never a good starting point.

  3. Birdman or (the unexpected quality of ignorance). Alejandro G. The film won Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Original Screenplay, and nominated Keaton for his first and only Best Actor.

Crazy, isn’t it? As my eldest son always says when he gets the amazing news: “What’s the matter, man.”

What people really are.

Michael Keaton had a varied career and he was always notable in each of his roles. In fact, he has created a number of characters that remain sensitive to contemporary American films, such as his manic title character in the Beatles (1988) or his temperamental and low-tone Batman in Batman’s first reboot (1989). Even his minor role as Captain Jean in The Other Guys (2010). Instead of stereotypical commanding officers shouting at crazy boys who don’t follow the rules – a troupe that first appeared in Dirty Harry 1970s movie – Keaton’s Captain Jean is a helpless bureaucrat doing a second job as the manager of a Bed Bath and Beyond and doesn’t want any trouble.

Keaton has a kind of disgusting quality. He always thinks there is more power on screen than anyone else. Not blessed with the beautiful appearance of ordinary leading people, Keaton compensates by becoming the most attractive character in any scene. He always appears as your friend who zips up a lot more than anyone else, the person who is always coming up with some new angles.

Michael Keaton Michael John Douglas was born on September 5, 1951, in a suburb near Kennedy Township, PA, Pittsburgh. He grew up Catholic (his mother is Irish Catholic) and studied at Kent State University in Ohio just a few months after the genocide of students protesting the Vietnam War. He acted in plays and studied theater and then dropped out two years later and returned to Pittsburgh, where he began his TV career Mr. Rogers is the neighbor. That show was a program on a local PBS station, and Keaton worked as a production assistant and played one of the Flying Zucchini Brothers.

Keaton later left Pittsburgh for Los Angeles, where he began auditioning for film and television roles, landing guest spots on the Maud and The Mary Tyler Moore shows.. Upon receiving his Screen Actors Guild card, he decided to change his last name because the other two members of the SAG were named Michael Douglas. He chose Kiston as the name of his work to pay homage to Buster Keaton.

Her first feature film role was in Ron Howard’s Night Shift (1982), which led to her role in the 1983 comedy Mr. Mom.. For the next few years he worked fairly steadily, but then his life and career took a dramatic turn when Tim Burton was cast. The Beetlejuice (1988) as a mad ghost. It was a landmark performance, absolutely original and wildly entertaining – with lots of dark edges.

Burton followed suit, playing Keaton in the lead role in Batman (1989). The movie was a huge hit and Keaton’s performance was widely acclaimed for bringing unexpected depth to an illustrated version of a comic book character.

The following years showed Keaton’s approach to choosing the role, most of which was somewhat surprising. Keaton followed the Beatles with the intense family drama Clean and Sober (1988). After Batman Returns (1992), his next film was a film version of Shakespeare’s Much Addo About Nothing (1993).

One of the trivial things about Keaton’s career is that he played the same character in two completely different movies. In Quantin Tarantino’s Jackie Brown (1997), he played the role of FBI agent Ray Nichols, and then a year later in the same role as Steven Soderbergh..

In the early 2000’s, Keaton’s career seemed to come to a halt. He was working regularly, but nothing significant was being added to his filmography. Those years included trifles such as Herbie: Fully Loaded (2005) and the aforementioned RoboCup (201). Now, I’ll admit that I really enjoyed the Herbie movie, because it wasn’t a good movie, because it was a lot of fun. And, yes, RoboCop was pretty lame, but come on, it’s RoboCop. What do you not like about techno-fascism?

And then, apparently out of the blue came Birdman (2014), then Spotlight (2015) and The Founder (2016). Keaton was brilliant in all respects.

So, what’s next? Well, he’s currently working on The Flash, which is set to release in 2022, with Keaton repeating the role of Bruce Wayne / Batman.

That said, here are five of my favorite Michael Keaton movies to add to your list.

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