Look for four things in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho

By Megan Walsh Gerard

Alfred Hitchcock wanted to adapt to Robert Block’s novel Psycho, He was literally a household name. His most recent films at the moment were anti-communist spy thrillers, the artist’s perfect romantic assassination and the transcontinental kidnapping plot. He certainly didn’t take anything like the slasher genre.

Even with his impressive biography and box office reliance, the studio was reluctant to greenlight such a picture. Psycho. He did pruning and pruning and pruning until the budget was just over $ 800,000. She gave up her own salary to earn 0% of her salary, and Janet Leigh – a big star at the time – worked for a quarter of her normal rate to get a chance to star in the Hitchcock film. These cuts, a brief shooting schedule, black-and-white pictures and modest sets made the movie.

And yet, for all that, Psycho It’s still more than a slasher film. Sixty years after its release, audiences are still jumping and movie nerds like me are still noticing new things. Look beyond the plot points of the surface for these very intentional moments Psycho.

* This post includes light spoiler *

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