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In depth, Maria Jimena with Dujan A new original Spotify podcast that addresses the political and social realities of Colombia. From Monday to Friday a new episode is presented: a team of Interviews, debates, special journalism investigations and high-profile guests.

Maria Gimena duo is an essential journalist, famous for revealing the truth with harshness, charisma and openness. Thanks to this, he also appeared in international media such as El Paso, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Newsday or Mary Claire.

In podcasts, Maria Jimena To voice the diverse realities of different sectors of the country, to engage in their debates and to face each other, to tell stories and Explaining the truth from the hands of its heroes that the world does not know. “This podcast is a new moment to tell Colombian reality differently, from an innovative format and from the hands of a great platform like Spotify”, highlights Maria Jimena.

The subject of the first episode is the criminal and administrative investigation conducted against President Sergio Fazardo, right during the presidential campaign.

For the record Maria talks to Jimena about the new podcast, the state of Colombian investigative journalism, and the challenges ahead of her impressive career.

What are some of the topics you will dedicate your research to in this podcast?

We are in the middle of the election campaign, so an important issue will be how the political campaign is financed in this country. We want to know what is happening in society, especially in those areas of Colombia. What is happening to the black community? What is happening with the indigenous community? What is happening to the immigrant population in Colombia?

For those of you who have followed your career as a journalist in radio, print and video, will you be known and what will be new in this new podcast?

They will find the conviction to give voice to almost all sectors and colors of Colombian society, as I have done all my life. Everything, including a new tool: the language of podcasts.

Have you faced the toughest investigations in your career?

In my journalistic life I have done a lot of research that I have done and for this I have had many tears, many regrets and a lot of satisfaction. But exposing all these veils of corruption that have taken over Colombian public life is probably one of the most difficult tasks. Journalism works to snatch away those who believe they are untouchables.

How do you see the state of investigative journalism in Colombia?

Investigative journalism in Colombia is also going through a deep crisis. I believe that these new platforms give us the opportunity to innovate ourselves through new formats and new languages ​​such as podcasts.

What is the challenge of doing investigative journalism independently in the podcast format and on the new platform?

I think investigative journalism is the basis of all stories, of great reporting. Podcasts are the best platform to be able to make the best reports that other platforms do not allow in any way. This is a great opportunity and it gives me a lot of excitement.

In depth, Maria Gimena with Dujan Premieres an episode every day of the week from September 13th, for free, only on Spotify. Listen In depth, Maria Gimena with Dujan Here.

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