News from Hollywood Studios: Expensive Collections and a Trash Can.

Welcome back, DFB friends! We are here with News Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

And we have many updates to share with you. So what are you waiting for? Let us know in the comments below.

Food update from Hollywood studios

Popcorn and drink stands

He Sweet Poison Cocktail it still clings around the drink carts for now, while the flavors of autumn take over the parks. The drink fills up coconut rum, Curaçao blue drink syrup, rum and pineapple juice with a glow cube ia lemon wedge garnish.

Sweet Poison

While we checked to see if there were any Halloween hooves or popcorn buckets of corn, Hollywood Studios has yet to store them. But, we will be watching!

Hollywood Studios Merchandise Update

Dark room

Honestly, all the news from Marvel recently has made us SUPER excited for the next phase of shows and movies. But, you can still return it to an OG character with Iron Man phone case per $ 34.99.

Iron Man phone case

Hollywood legends

The Dooney season in Legends of Hollywood is over because TWO new collections are on store shelves. You can find the new one Disney Cat Dooneys with your favorite feline friends …

Disney Cats Dooneys

… like Marie, Lucifer, Cheshire, Figaro and more!

Disney Cats Dooneys

There were even new Disney Parks Dooneys icons on the shelves …

Disney Parks Icon Dooneys

… with suitcases …

Disney Parks Icon Dooneys

… shoulder bags …

Disney Parks Icon Dooneys

… all …

Disney Parks Icon Dooneys

… and mini backpacks to take some magic to the parks.

Disney Parks Icon Dooneys

Sunset Ranch Pins

As we watched the Nightmare Before Christmas Pins by the end of August, in time for the start of the spooky season, they have now also headed to Sunset Ranch. You can find your favorite Halloween Town characters like Jack, Sally, the Mayor and Oogie Boogie $ 9.99 to $ 12.99.

Nightmare Before Christmas Pins

Pine trading bin

If you want a unique pine trading experience, you can relax with “Jojo the Pin Trash Can” at Disney Studios in Hollywood. Since Jojo obviously has no arms or hands, a member of the nearby cast helped trade with us in honor of Jojo …

Pine trading bin

… and we took a pin from Dodger Pet House …

Pine trading bin

… and Country Bear Pin! (Calls the adorable cast member who put the name in the trash).

Pine trading bin

Hollywood Studios Entertainment Update


The last few weeks have been VERY quiet at Disney World since the school semester began and summer ended. However, Labor Day attracted quite a few people who have stayed mostly in Hollywood studios.

Crowd of Hollywood studios

Many of the attractions had longer queues and longer waiting times than we have seen in weeks …

Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway Crowd

… with waiting times that go up throughout the day and into the afternoon.

Roller Coaster Rock ‘N

The restaurants were even busier than we saw as an influx of people stopped at the fast food and table service places around the park.

Oga’s Cantina Crowds

But, the crowd submerged during the rainy days, so you may want to stay in the Hollywood studios (even if it starts to spill).

Crowd of Toy Story lands

Well, that’s all for that New at Disney Studios Hollywood! Next time we’ll catch you for more updates. And, if you have any questions about the upcoming holidays, let us know to help you find the answers. Stay tuned to DFB for the latest Disney news and entertainment.

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