Deaf Jam Senior Director of Marketing Justin Duran talks about enjoying data in the Collab Sessions podcast – Spotify for Artists

In this episode of the Conglab Sessions podcast, Justin Duran discusses how data can give artists insights so they can find new fans and engage with them. Justin Def is a senior marketing director at Jam, where he has worked Argument, Who is Alessia?, And even Justin Bieber‘S album Judgment.

Here, Justin shares an readily available breakdown for artists interested in harnessing social insights and explains how important it is to engage with existing fans to understand how to reach new audiences. He also talked about how selling products to fans can be a wonderful information goldmine and how artists can use the data available to them without being overloaded with information. Listen to the episode and see some of Justin’s important ways below.

Highlights of Justin Duran’s Conglab Session episode

Pay attention to the busyness and know enough of what you are doing

We live in an information revolution. There is more information available now than any artist you have come across before. Artists need to understand when it comes to social media, and when it comes to data tracking, be comfortable knowing what you’re doing is enough. Everything you do outside of that point only informs you of your decision making. So for social media, it depends on what kind of artist you are, and what your goals are. You have to start from there. Everything needs to be created for the artist, especially for their genre, for their fans, and perhaps for their personal ethics, which they believe in. If an artist feels comfortable to turn [Instagram] Live, or tweet 10 to 15 times a day, or do something that might make ticketing fun for them, then yes, do it. And focus on engagement. I think these are the main metrics.

Get to know your true fans by selling merchandise

If you want to know who your real fan is, if you actually have a legitimate or genuine fan, keep a part of the product. Sell ​​even for a dollar. You will immediately find out who your real fans are. Because 200,000 sounds that you can study. Of those 200,000, if 20 people bought a piece of product from you, I would personally recommend those 20 people to study the most. This is a data goldmine because that consumer has experienced and interacted with your music which is basically free, thinks they have a subscription to Spotify, that person has made a conscious decision to buy a product. When you make that decision, it’s a super fan. You want to fill that superfan. You want to understand that superfan.

Active participation is more important than the number of followers or opinions

It’s not exactly how many people watch or how many followers you have. I think this is how many people are actively involved with your content. I think this is always a better indicator than numbers. Emerging artists, emerging artists, artists who are starting their careers, or artists who are trying to keep their footing with social media, are overwhelmed by artists who are doing really well on a particular social media platform, even on Spotify. Don’t be overwhelmed by anyone in the 99th percentile. Do what you do, what makes you the most comfortable.

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