Is Netflix going out of jail in Netflix anime?

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In recent weeks we’ve probably seen the beginning of a fundamental and exciting change in the relationship between Netflix and the distribution of this new anime. Instead of waiting a few months, two of his most recent upcoming anime, Blue black And Can’t communicate, Will be released weekly starting October. Below we will discuss why this is a huge and exciting change for Netflix.

Since 2013, Netflix has grown and invested heavily in its core content library. With that journey, Netflix continued to invest in anime, as it did with the licensing show. Knights of Sidonia And Seven deadly sins. As it is about to release its own anime slate Castelvenia And Eden.

With each passing year, Netflix continues to invest more and more in expanding its exclusive anime library, but suffice it to say that it’s a road full of hard lessons, and harsh criticism along the way.

Since making Knights of Sidonia In the first internationally licensed original anime, Netflix has licensed fifty more anime movies and TV shows, and this does not include Netflix’s own anime.

Netflix loses Knight of Sidonia movie and TV show Fight

Nights of Sidonia was Netflix’s first licensed Netflix original anime

Over the past seven years, however, Netflix has been widely criticized for releasing its licensed shows, most of which take time between an anime broadcast in Japan and its final global release. Customers have coined the term “Netflix Gel” and this has been a major problem for anime fans on Netflix over the years.

But it seems the tide is finally changing, and Netflix is ​​starting to hear, as an upcoming show Blue black And Can’t communicate Netflix will begin streaming episodes on a weekly basis from October 2021.

The Blue Period Netflix anime will stream weekly from October 2021

Blue black Comes on Netflix on October 9, 2021

Why did Netflix suddenly decide to change the way it releases licensed anime?

At the time of writing, we don’t know if Netflix will release anime licensed exclusively for release outside of Japan, or if it’s a test to see how good the weekly release of the anime episode is. Performance

What is Netflix Gel?

No one likes Netflix Gel

For those who aren’t sure what Netflix Gel is, it’s a term to describe an anime created by subscribers that is licensed by Netflix but takes months to publish Japanese broadcasts on Netflix. In particular, its fans Beasts He was disappointed to start broadcasting the first season in Japan in the autumn of the 201st season, but it was not made available for streaming on Netflix until March 2020.

Beasts are the most popular licensed anime on Netflix

Dealing with piracy?

It’s not hard to find websites from which you can stream anime illegally, and for many customers, this is the only way they can watch a hot new anime that they would otherwise have waited months to watch on Netflix.

As Netflix drastically reduces the time between Japanese broadcasting and its own release date, we should see a big change in the statistics of watching new anime.

Naturally, piracy will not be eradicated, but we should see a significant difference.

What can Netflix do to improve releases?

Unlike FUNimation and Crunchyroll, Netflix does not simulate anime. And even with its upcoming release Blue black And Can’t communicate There are still delays between Japanese broadcasts and Netflix release dates. Subscribers need not worry, delays have been reduced from a few months to a few days, which means there is only a one to two week gap between the Japanese release and the Netflix global release. Netflix still needs to create subtitles for dozens of different languages ​​around the world, which we probably still see a small delay.

If Netflix wants to further improve the weekly anime release, it needs to explore the possibility of simulcasting.

However, with recent changes being made, it can only get better from here. And if you want to make sure Netflix continues to release new anime with weekly episodes, be sure to check out Blue black And Can’t communicate When they arrive in October 2021.

What do you think about Netflix releasing anime on a weekly basis? Are you excited about the change or do you need to improve Netflix further? Let us know in the comments below!

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