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Today is a great day at EPCOT with the opening of the new Creations store I Club Cool. Some of the EPCOT transformations are really starting to come together and now let’s take a look Amazing EPCOT merchandise that just came out on the shelves of the new store!

We recently had a look at a part of the NEW EPCOT Light & Color Collection, and today we had the opportunity to see it IN PERSON for the first time! EPCOT fans, you may want to hide your wallets before reading in …

The EPCOT Light & Color collection is basically TWO collections in one with the light line and the color line separated. And the new collection is TOTALLY exclusive from the creations store, so you’ll need to head to EPCOT to catch anything.


Let’s dive in and take a look at the Light line first. See the EPCOT Light Minnie Ears! This INCREAZBLE accessory features a geodesic pattern on your ears illuminated with a silver bow. These are priced at $ 39.99

They are so unique!

More than a person with a hat than a person with ears? You can pick up the file EPCOT lightweight cap.

Put EPCOT on your head

Are you looking for another type of accessory? You may want to catch the new one EPCOT light backpack per $ 59.99.

So bright

We love the sleek and unique shape this backpack has.

Grab our money, Disney!

Complete your EPCOT dress with the EPCOT light t-shirt per $ 24.99. This one has Mickey AND Figment.

EPCOT T-shirt

Or how about that EPCOT light printed t-shirt instead of for $ 36.99?

COOL T-shirt

If you want to bring something a little more minimalist, that’s it EPCOT lightweight t-shirt it could be just the thing.

LOADS of t-shirts!

The sleeves of this shirt have a fun mesh design that gives you a little detail without being too much. This t-shirt is $ 36.99.

Sleeve detail

To add a little EPCOT style to family fun time, you may want to pick it up EPCOT Light Puzzle per $ 22.99 This one seems like it can be quite difficult.

Mickey EPCOT puzzle

Or have a cup of your favorite hot beverage at the restaurant EPCOT lightweight cup per $ 19.99!

Time for a cup

There is even one EPCOT light ornament per $ 19.99!

Mini spacecraft Earth?

And, of course, you can’t go wrong with the EPCOT Light Corkcicle per $ 39.99.

Need a Corkcycle?

Want to add a touch of EPCOT to your home decor? You can grab this fun EPCOT vase per $ 29.99.

It’s a vase!

So what about the EPCOT color collection did we mention above? As the name suggests, these items will add a splash of color to your day. There is a Vibrant EPCOT colored glass per $ 19.99

Very beautiful!

… ia Collection of notebooks

Who doesn’t need notebooks?

… which includes three EPCOT thematic notebooks. The notebook collection is $ 16.99

THREE great notebooks

There are plenty of other new articles from these lines available and we will update this post soon with more of these articles, so be sure to check back for updates.

You can find ALL of these new items in the new EPCOT creative store (and ONLY in the creative store). Keep up to date as we explore all the news EPCOT has to offer and stay tuned to DFB for the latest news.

Click here for more information on Club Cool’s return to EPCOT.

What do you think of the new collection? Tell us in the comments!

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