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In this episode of the Collab Sessions podcast, Kirsten Stubbs explains how new artists can take advantage of emerging social platforms to share their content and expand their fanbase. Kirsten is senior director of digital marketing at Interscope Records, where she has worked with digital strategies for artists. Selena Gomez, King’s fur, And Imagine a dragon.

Moving from a culture that follows recent social media to an “algorithm culture” that provides content based on algorithm user preferences, Kirsten explains that new artists have potential fans on the field with experienced players even when bringing their music to the fore. They also share practical advice on how artists can use emerging platforms like TickTock as part of their overall online marketing campaign and why they should think less about their strategy and more about authenticity. Listen to the episode and read some of Kirsten’s important ways below.

Highlights from Kirsten Stubbs’ Conglab Session episode

Artists should take advantage of the social media level playing field

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a trend from really follow-up culture to online algorithm culture. So, [platforms such as] Tick ​​tock, [Instagram] Reels, Facebook, and even Twitter have literally served the content that fans are looking for. You may have zero followers or millions of followers and at least you are at the same level. This is a very playground, and if you continue to post on these platforms, the algorithm will pick people who want to see your content and serve it to them. I think it’s a huge example of business, and it was an incredible opportunity to develop artists as we’ve seen, from artists who have emerged from tic tac to soundcloud, reels, and so on.

Focus less on strategy and more on what seems authentic

We often ask, “What is strategy?” Excluding business phrases and all these ideas while really easy to spend time scrolling through and at each of these social platforms, go back and see the things you love, the things you engage with. What compels? Talk about what you like and dislike. Did you find it authentic and did you find it a little limited? If you are a classical artist, then maybe you should not dance tiktok. If you take things really seriously, and want to focus on the art, you probably don’t want to share memes. There are ways to connect with people on this social media platform that are not what you see at the surface level. By listening and concentrating on what is already being created and resonating with you, you can get directions on where to go with your content.

Expand your brand with more content than music

You should think collaboratively about social media. You can do things like comment on meme pages, send funny tweets. You don’t have to be limited to just your music, because, again, you’re bringing people into your sphere of influence and it can’t be because they like your music. This could be because you are at a fashion point or politically you have an opinion that they agree with them and they want to hear more from you. So, don’t just focus on music content, really expand your brand into a whole content mix beyond just music. Music is an aspect of your online brand.

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