Sweet Tooth Season 2 on Netflix: Everything We Know So Far

Sweet Tooth – Photo: Warner Bros. and Netflix

Netflix has renewed Beautiful teeth For the second season. The Family Adventure series, produced by Robert Downey Jr., will resume filming in New Zealand in 2022. An updated guide to what we know so far Beautiful teeth Season 2 includes what new characters are going to be featured when production starts, what we can expect and much more.

Based on Jeff Lemaire’s comic book, Sweet Tooth touches Netflix on June 4th, 2021. It comes from Warner Bros. Television, DC Entertainment and Tim Downey.

The series is set in a post-apocalyptic future where a viral epidemic wipes out most of the world’s population. It also sees the birth of a hybrid baby. Our story centers on Gus, a little boy, a half-human half-deer who lives in a remote place with his father.

Beautiful teeth Starring Nonso Anoji, Christian Conway, Adil Akhtar, and Stefania Lavi Wayne.

With the basics out of the way, let’s take a look at what we know so far about Season 2:

Sweet teeth will return in the second season

To get a renewal on Netflix, we need to keep the numbers of the shows and when we don’t know the need to show the exact statistics, Beautiful teeth Definitely met the right level and so, was renewed for the second season.

From our tracking and data provided by FlixPatrol it is understood that the show was a hit in almost all Netflix regions. We’ve seen this year that most shows that have been in the top 10 in at least one region for about 30 days are going to get a new season.

In the US, the show was in the top 10 for about 30 days. In the UK that number was 32 days. In fact, almost every region of Netflix that the FlixPatrol monitor shows shows that the show was a worldwide hit.

It remained number 2 in the world for 2 weeks after launch.

In addition, in Netflix’s Q2 earnings report, they revealed how many people sampled the show (2-minute views). They revealed that 60,000,000 families watched the show.

60 million places Beautiful teeth The most viewed (announced statistics) number 6 on the English series list, just behind Queen’s Gambit 62 million and right in front Emily in Paris At 58 million.

The show has performed critically well, with a score of 7.4 on Metacritic and 78 by critics. At IMDB, the show boasts of 7.9.

Nielsen has shown the show four times in her top 10 decades, recording 3,213 million minutes of viewing so far (their data only applies to the United States).

Numerous members of the cast and other teams received chocolates before Netflix socials unveiled the second season before the announcement of the second season was leaked a bit.

Next to the chocolate bar came a note:

“To a special fan of a very special event. You heard for the first time that Sweet Teeth has been renewed for the 2nd season. ”

Chocolate wrapped sweet tooth season to 2 Netflix

Chocolate Sweet Tooth Season 2 Sent to Selected Outlets for Announcement – Photo: Kyle T

Then, just a few hours later, we got the word that yes, it’s season 2 Beautiful teeth Will happen.

Along with the announcement, the first major news was that Season 2 would have an eight-hour long episode.

In a statement regarding the renewal, Jim Mickel (demonstrator of) Beautiful teeth) Says:

“It’s been equally thrilling and heartwarming that people around the world are falling in love with our deer-boy. We couldn’t have been more excited to continue our collaboration with Netflix and follow Gus and his friends on their remarkable journey.

Oanh Ly will join the second season as co-producer.

What to expect from Sweet Tooth Season 2

Since the show is following comics quite closely, you will know that there are many more stories to tell.

We finally knew where Gass’s mother was (Alaska) so we could see them sailing north. It is believed he is seeking medical treatment there.

Towards the end of the first season, Goose was caught by The Last Man, although a plan to save him and the other kids could work. The good news is that Big Man has survived his injuries though.

Here are some of the other standout recaps from the final episode:

  • Pigtail is Beer’s lost sister.
  • Jepard’s son is probably a black sheep that is briefly seen in a group of captive hybrids with goose.
  • Birdie lives in Alaska and Bear contacted him via satellite phone.

We hope to learn more about the origin of the virus that caused the change in the first place. We may not have seen the details of that series released but it has finally been revealed in 26 issues in the comics. There is a good summary of how the virus came from DigitalSpy, but read on if you want to know before it is published.

You can read more fan theory about what we can expect from the 2nd season Beautiful teeth Here.

Sweet Teeth will appear in the DC Phandome in October 2021

Before we dive into the production and new character details for Season 2, we want to touch on the fact that Sweet Teeth is among the titles mentioned for DC Fandom.

For those unfamiliar, DC Fandom is a fan event that first shows and informs DC around.

Scheduled to be held on October 1, 2021, this year’s event will feature an exhibition of sweet teeth.

In particular, DC teases:

“Warner Bros. television Batman, The Flash, Superman and Lois, and Beautiful teeth; A farewell tribute to the Super Girl when it reached its epic conclusion after six seasons; A celebration of the 100th episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow; The first appearance of the upcoming new drama Naomi; And a peek at the upcoming episode of DC’s Stargirl. ”

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. It may be as small as some concept art but keep your expectations limited as the series will not start filming until early 2022.

We should note that the series is not part of Netflix’s TUDUM lineup of September 25, 2021.

DC fandomeevent

DC Fandom event poster

New characters are being cast for Sweet Tooth Season 2

As of August and September 2021, casting for the new season is underway.

In particular, production new hybrids (some of which are not comics and others)

We first reported the launch of four new hybrids at the end of August 2021 and they are as follows:

Finn Fox – Most people have fox ears, red fur and a bushy foxtail. Cunning and cautious, he is absolutely new to the hybrid family. He has seen the good and the bad of man, so he can sometimes disbelieve, even towards other hybrids like Gus. He can be brave, confident and a little quiet, like he’s got a strategy holding his sleeve. His parents taught him to speak before he died, but he was not polished. He combines thought into sentences, and speaks only when it is important. But when Hades, others listen.

Wally Walrus – Its big task, small flipper and
Deep, expressive eyes. She is new to the hybrid family and she is still very shy. He misses his adoptive mother, Amy, who is working to make him feel more comfortable with the team. She is afraid of the dark and has trouble sleeping without the light of night. When he speaks, his words come out in the song. He has a song-song cadence. He has to be around the water.

Haley Mockingbird -He’s got a beak and is walking with skinny, stork-like legs. He is an enthusiastic, impatient child who has opinions and is not afraid to express them. The only problem is, his words are limited. When he speaks, his words come out in angry bird songs or angry tweets. But he can imitate the words and voices of others perfectly. He is usually in some kind of argument and can be a problem for others. But he will annoy the elders more than his siblings.

JoJo Cat -Broad eyes and humble, he is forever curious about people and puzzles. Basically everything. If he is in a cage, he tries to hold on. If he sees a light or man moving, he is transfixed by action. She likes to sleep and sleep in a ball all day. But as the sun goes down, he immerses his siblings in the game for hours on end. He quickly runs out of electricity and runs a circle around his players. She loves to decorate her hair and her large sized ears. Her allergies to humans and other animals.

In addition, a casting call from the National Foundation for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in September 2021 revealed that they were “looking for talented kids who could be deaf, hearing-impaired HOH and kids who are proficient in NZSL sign language.”

Sweet tooth season to 2 new characters

Sweet Tooth Hybrid – Photo: DC / Netflix

When will the shooting of Sweet Tooth Season 2 start?

Thanks to various casting calls and production sheets, we can confirm that the shooting of the 2nd season is scheduled to start in January 2022 and will continue till June 2022 in the summer.

When will Sweet Tooth Season 2 be on Netflix?

It is impossible to say when the show will start production.

But our best guess is that it won’t be on our screens until at least the end of 2022.

Are you excited to come back? Beautiful teeth On Netflix? Let us know in the comments below.

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