Welcome to Creations Shop, EPPCOT’s new flagship merchandise destination

Welcome to Creations Shop, the new star goods destination at EPCOT. Officially released today, the grand opening marks another key milestone in EPCOT’s historic transformation journey.

Creations Shop celebrates Disney’s legacy of creativity by honoring EPCOT’s nostalgia for the past and the exciting promises of EPCOT’s future. Disney Imagineers used unique art installations, meaningful memories and a contemporary architectural design to bring the history of EPCOT and Disney creativity to life. Every thoughtful detail of Creations Shop was purposely chosen to represent elements of the story and foster a memorable shopping experience for guests.

Mickey Mouse, which has inspired creativity for generations around the world, serves as a symbol of Disney’s creativity and can be seen prominently in various tributes across the space, including large dynamic murals and a collection of 10 original sculptures created by Disney Imagineers.

Display of goods in Creations Shop at EPCOT

Creations Shop will have exclusive products dedicated to EPCOT. The EPCOT Light & Color collection, exclusive to Creations Shop, is an assortment of futuristic equipment inspired by EPCOT’s historic transformation. Just as Disney Imagineers implemented color, materials, and light throughout the Creation Shop design, the EPCOT Light & Color Collection explores the history of EPCOT through the whimsical application of light, the playful use of bold colors and the emblematic characters and characters of the EPCOT. .

Planning your next EPCOT trip at Walt Disney World Resort? Head to the park’s newly celebrated World Celebration neighborhood to express your own creativity at Creations Shop.

And be sure to keep reading the Disney Parks blog and follow along with Imagineer Zach Riddley @thezachriddley on Instagram for the latest news on EPCOT’s historic transformation.

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