Animal Kingdom News: Unusual food and more flashy streets

Hello a Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

Tree of life

One of our favorite things to do is hang out here among trees, animals and delicious food (of course!). We like to go to the parks often to check for new stuff or updates on old stuff, so come with us and we’ll show you what’s new in Animal Kingdom!

Animal kingdom food updates

Mobile cafeteria and bakery

Lunch items are now available at Travel! The bakery has recently reopened and is usually known for serving breakfast and sweets, but now you can have lunch.

Travel menu

New items include the file Spicy potato hand Pies per $ 9.99, which are Fried pastries with a mixture of seasonal vegetables and potatoes inside, served with Harissa Aioli and a Coriander Chutney

Sweet potato cakes

the flat marinated chicken bread sandwich per $ 10.49, which is a flat bread topped with Marinated Chicken, Cucumber tomato salad, Tahini and green sauce and served with chips

Marinated chicken flatbread sandwich

… i the Red Chili Hot Dog per $ 9.49, a spicy hot dog with cucumber tomato salad and Harissa Aioli. That also came with one side of the tiles!

Hot Dog!

These are NOT the basic theme park snacksSo if you’re looking for something different, check out these options.

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Island of Java

For some reason, the Apple Rotten drink is still on the Java Island menu.

Rotten apple drink

This drink is Crispy apple cider i Cinnamon whiskey with fireball served on ice with gummy worms per $ 11. It first appeared in the fall of 2020, but it actually came with trims, unlike ours!

Where are our gums ?!

Yes, we didn’t get any gummy worms. Very lame, Disney.

Check out our review of the rotten apple here

Animal Kingdom construction updates


Statues of golden characters have appeared in Animal Kingdom! We have Simba with Timon and Pumbaa

Timone, Pumbaa and Simba

Bambi and Thumper

Bambi and Thumper

… i Nemo and Dory!

Nemo and Dory

These statues look so festive for the 50th anniversary.

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Lightning Lanes

Lightning Lanes have been installed at new attractions in Animal Kingdom. We found one in DINOSAUR


It’s hard to be a mistake

It’s hard to be a mistake

… i Lion King Festival!

Lion King Festival

With more Lightning Lanes going up the parks, we may be approaching the launch of Disney Genie.

Click here for more information on Disney Genie


Animal Kingdom receives a new show for its 50th anniversary – Disney KiteTails! The show will take place during the day at the Discovery River Amphitheater in the Asia section of the park.

© Disney

When Disney prepares for the first show October 1st, have been working on platforms on the lake for the show.

KiteTails Construction

You can see two great platforms being worked on.


Things seem to be moving fast.

KiteTails platforms

We can’t wait to see the show for the first time!

Click here for more information on KiteTails.

Primitive whirlpool

Primitive whirlpool it has been closed since the Disney parks were closed in March 2020 and Disney later announced that it would remain permanently closed. For a while, it just stayed there without touching DinoLand USA, but now there’s some movement.

Primitive whirlpool

There have recently been building walls around the attraction, here are some of the latest photos of the work done:

What’s going on back there?

We don’t know what they’re doing … maybe they’re starting to go down the road?

Primitive whirlpool

If we know what’s going on, we’ll let you know!

Animal Kingdom merchandise updates

Mercantile Island

We saw one new Mickey hat within Mercantile Island! It’s a army green and says:Oh us!”On the front with a confused Mickey face.

Oh us!

The tip of the hat is one of skin material!

Mickey’s hat

You can get the hat for $ 34.99

Discovery Trading

He Stitch Crashes White Snow Collection has launched at Discovery Trading. We also saw the collection at Star Traders at Magic Kingdom.

The new collection has arrived.

You can get the plush for $ 29.99

Stitch is blocked by Snow White

… the MagicBand for $ 39.99


… and the pin for $ 24.99!


If you’re picking up pieces from the Stitch Crashes series, definitely check them out.

Click here for more information on the Stitch Crashes Snow White collection.

It is also recently posted here Jerrod Maruyama Disney Parks Dooney and Bourke collection! There are several bags in the collection, including the bag for $ 318


… the zippered suitcase for $ 268

Zippered briefcase

… the backpack for $ 268


… the suitcase for $ 198


… and the crossbody bag for $ 198!


The collection is also available at Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.

Click here to see more information about the collection.

Finally, we found two new limited edition pins! One of them Sleeping Beauty and the other function The fox and the dog.

Get them while you can!

He Sleeping Beauty Pin is part of the Magic in the stars and was released by Virgin, which makes sense, as right now is the season of the Virgin.

Apparently, Aurora is a Virgin

The fox pin and the dog is part of the Where the Disney Terrarium Series fantasy grows.

The fox and the dog

Look how cute the two best friends inside their little terrarium are! This pin is $ 19.99.

The best buds!

Do not miss it Cap Disney Fun!

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