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For many guests, the focus of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is usually Rise of the Resistance. But there is a lot to love in this immersive land. And sometimes, in a hurry to do all things, the most beautiful moment of this earth is overlooked: the night.

Beyond two exciting but not too exciting attractions, there are unique food and drink, an interactive game, interactive shopping experiences, character interactions and more. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge continues the evolution of immersion in theme parks. It is incredibly detailed. Star Wars fans will feel right at home, even though the land is based on the new Star Wars timeline. And even those who are not fans will surely be impressed by all the elements orchestrated to carry on this themed experience.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Night – Droids

Here are my 5 reasons to visit Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at night:

  1. Fewer crowds
  2. Night lighting effects
  3. Night sound effects
  4. Sabers of light at night
  5. Illuminated door panels

Most of the guests are clamoring for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge early in the morning and again at 1:00 pm to get the Boarding Group’s second distribution. This leaves the night less busy. The last hour of operations is especially quiet and charming.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Night: Kylo Ren’s ship
Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Night – A Wing

As with much of Walt Disney World, the night light treatments are awesome at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. The elevated rock formations and petrified forests look even more impressive at night. Spaceships, droids, and other elements around the earth look even more authentic with night lighting.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Night – Droids

There are also special immersive night sounds and the perfect balance between relaxing and mysterious. I can’t visit Batuu at night very often, but every time I fall in love the night sounds ring again. There are creepy grill-like creatures and other sounds from the neighboring forest, and the occasional spaceship approaches.

Docking Bay 7 Seating Area at night

A popular pastime for Star Wars fans is to bring lightsabers to Galaxy’s Edge at night and stand in front of the Millennium Falcon. Whether you’re a big fan or not, it’s a fun show to watch. Also, as a big Star Wars fan, I love the light panels on each door, just like in the movies. These are quite visible during the day, but at night, of course, these panels stand out even more, giving this authentic Star Wars universe.

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at night: millennial hawk and lightsabers
Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Night: Illuminated Door Panel

Which do you prefer, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, day or night?

First published on February 8, 2021. Updated on September 15, 2021.

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