How the rise in resistance to pay-per-trip travel at Disney World will impact

I once wanted to ride Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance WITHOUT a boarding group?

Rise of resistance

We have seen Rise of the Resistance open to guests without a boarding group very rarely, but other than that boarding groups have been required. Soon, though, things will change. How will these upcoming changes affect the situation with the NEW FastPass payment systems, similar to FastPass, that Disney will deploy soon? Here are our thoughts.

First, let’s review what’s changing. Recently, Disney shared that as they approach the 50th anniversary celebrations, they have continued to “improve experiences” thanks to the feedback they have received from customers. It seems that one of these improvements has to do with Rise of the Resistance.

According to Disney, starting Sept. 23, they will pause the use of virtual queues (boarding groups) for Rise of the Resistance at Disney Studios Hollywood in Hollywood. Instead of trying to get a boarding group, guests will simply be able to use a traditional queue to mount the attraction.

Rise of resistance

But Disney has noted that virtual queues are useful and that guests should check out the My Disney Experience app for updates on virtual queues, including the potential use of virtual queues once again in Rise of the Resistance in a later date or occasionally. time.

Therefore, boarding groups may not run out permanently. Starting Sept. 23, Disney will pause the virtual queue system in Rise of the Resistance, however it looks like the system could come back in the future or it could be launched from time to time.

Increased resistance queue

So now let’s talk about Disney Genie + and Selection of Individual Attractions. Disney has announced it Similar new FastPass payment systems will be coming to Disney World soon.

First, there is Disney Genie + and second, there is Selection of individual attractions. With Disney Genie +, you’ll pay a fixed amount ($ 15 per ticket, per day) and be able to select the next available time to skip the waiting line on a trip and use Lightning Lane instead. ‘this lane (also known as the FastPass lane)). These Genie + selections can be made for 1 attraction at a time throughout the day and over 40 Disney World attractions will be available through this system.

Lightning Lane sign on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger

But, select and very popular attractions (including Rise of the Resistance) will not be included in Genie +. Instead, if you want to skip the waiting line and use Lightning Lane in those popular attractions, will have to pay to access Lightning Lane from each ride individually through what Disney calls Individual Attraction Selection. Guests can purchase up to 2 selections of individual attractions per day.

Lightning Lane on the rise of resistance

So what does all this mean? Well, to mount Rise of the Resistance right now, your only option is to join the virtual queue.

Once the individual attraction selection was launched, your main options would have been (1) trying to join the Rise of the Resistance virtual queue or (2) buying a selection of individual attractions for Rise of the Resistance.

Rise of resistance

From September 23, however, if you want to climb Rise of the Resistance, use the usual waiting line for the trip. PERUT, you’ll want to watch My Disney Experience to see if virtual queues appear from time to time for this trip or if the virtual queue returns at a later date.

After September 23 and after the launch of the selection of individual attractions, your main options will essentially be (1) use the waiting line OR the virtual queue, if a virtual queue returns or appears during your visit; (2) pay the individual attraction selection for increased endurance.

Rise of resistance

If you don’t like to wait in long lines, buying an individual attraction selection may have become a slightly more appealing option for you. You may have previously been okay with the idea of ​​simply trying to get a boarding group and then just having to wait in line from the time your boarding group is called to the point where you can physically climb.

Soon, though, it looks like you’ll just be waiting in a waiting line. This waiting line could end up being very long, especially considering the popularity of the attraction. Once the selection of individual attractions is available, you will have to weigh in a potentially very long row against a paid opportunity to drive the attraction faster.

Rise of resistance

On the other hand, if you don’t like virtual queues and are happy to wait in a waiting line, no matter what the weather, the selection of individual attractions may not be something to consider. In fact, selecting individual attractions now might be something you will consider even less.

You may have previously considered getting a selection of individual attractions for this trip, as it could guarantee you the ability to ride instead of having to deal with the possibility of not getting a boarding group. But now that you no longer have to worry about the risk of not getting a boarding group (as long as the boarding groups do not return or show up during your trip), the selection of individual attractions may be even less appealing. .

Rise of resistance

Please note that Disney has not shared a set date for when the selection of individual attractions will be available. We know that Disney Genie (the free planning service) will be released this fall and we hope that Genie + and Individual Attraction Selection will also be released. Also, Disney has not shared how much the individual attraction selections will cost, but we do know that the cost will vary depending on the date, park and route.

We will be waiting for more updates.

Click here to see how Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure virtual queue will work.

What do you think? Are you interested in buying the individual attraction selection to increase endurance? Or will you be left with a queue? Tell us in the comments.

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