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Last fall, Spotify was launched Music + talk, A new show format that allows artists to express themselves and engage their fans in an exciting new way. Directed by Anchor, Music + Talk allows creators to bring together Spoke-Word talk segments from the catalog of more than 70 million licensed songs on Spoktyf so that no one else has the experience of listening.

Now, Music + Talk is expanding: Initially only available to producers in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland, this summer we’ve expanded Music + Talk and made it available to producers in 15 more countries in Asia, Europe and Latin America. . Music + Talk is now available in Japan, India, Philippines, Indonesia, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Colombia.

Expansion of Music + Talk means that artists in this new market can use this tool to deepen their relationship with fans, expand their creative expression and reach their brand to a larger audience.

We’ve made it easier to discover Music + Talk in the Spotify app – with a dedicated one Content hub And an enhanced experience for the audience.

Some things can create a context between the listener and the artist as well as the context. Using the Music + Talk format, you can create a show that adds track-by-track comments to a new release, or walks fans through your catalog-adding that context to your creation. That new insight can lead to a new appreciation for your music and more attentive, intentional listening by fans. And the tracks you add to your Music + Talk show compensate musicians and songwriters like any regular stream of music tracks on Spotify.

Since the introduction of Music + Talk, innovative shows have been created by artists from around the world. To give you an idea of ​​how you can create your own shows, we have a few examples of how artists are using the new format to tell the stories behind their music and to connect with fans.

Tame Impala – The Slow Rush: A Deep Dive with Kevin Parker

Tame ImpalaOf Slow rush The album garnered critical acclaim, creating the gold single “Borderline” and cementing Australian indie rocker Kevin Parker’s musical project as one of the major works of music. On this show, Parker gives a rare glimpse of his creative process for the track-by-track breakdown of songs on the critically acclaimed album.

Camilo – El Rincon de la Tribe with Camilo

In the midst of last year’s lockdown, the Colombian singer, songwriter and producer Camilo In the absence of the tour he needs a way to communicate with his fans. A behind-the-scenes hitmaker who produced and penned hits for artists such as Carol G and Bad Bunny, Camilo made his solo debut in March 2020 with his album Por Primera Veg (for the first time). Record and celebrate her release with fans, but of course, there were other plans for the epidemic. Camilo created the Spanish language show not only to share his music but also to create a place for his fans (La Tribe) to gather.El Rincon de la Tribu with Camilo, ”Or“ The Tribes Corner with Camilo. Through the show, Camilo peeks into his relationship with his wife and colleague Ivaluna, discusses inspiration with collaborators like Rau Alejandro, and engages his audience directly with his “El Bujan” fanmail section.

Note 2011-2016 from Maggie Rogers-Archive

In 2020, Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter and producer Maggie Rogers Is released Note from the archive: Recording 2011-2016, A collection of his songs over the years that shows his experimentation and evolution as an artist. To document his process further – and to add more context to his journey and the music that he tracks, he created This intimate music + talk show.

Silverson Pickups-Widow Weed: Track-by-Track

You can use Music + Talk to celebrate or celebrate a classic from your catalog like American Alternative Rock Band Silversun pickups Has done in Their music + talk show, Which took a deep dive into their album, Widow weeds.

Want to start creating your own show? Check out Anchor’s blog post And Creator page For more information on how to get started with Music + Talk.

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