Patrick Balestra: Senior Engineer: Spotify Engineering

Originally from Switzerland, Patrick has been living in Sweden for almost three years and works as a senior iOS engineer in our Stockholm office.

30 minutes past 8 in the morning

I’m in my best condition after nine hours of sleep, so I wake up quite late, take a shower and get dressed as if I’m going to the office. Although I’ve been in Stockholm for a while, I’m not a fan of Swedish bread and cheese or salami breakfasts – give me a toasted nutmeg anytime!

10.00 am

After breakfast, I log in to my computer, check my messages and get ready for my morning work. Officially, I am an iOS engineer on the infrastructure team, which means I take care of the iOS developer experience – creating tools, libraries and other innovative solutions to help developers work faster and more efficiently. But over the past year, I’ve adapted to do more work on a new Monorepo and Basel system project that is designed for all kinds of developers, not just iOS. We’re putting together how tooling works, where the code is and so on. And it’s an ongoing project – we’re constantly improving and finding ways to make life easier for developers across Spotify.

My team is split between Stockholm and New York, so we are accustomed to being far away and easily adapted to work from home. But I really miss being a sociable person and being in the office, chatting with others and knowing what’s going on with the other team.

1:00 pm

One way I stay connected is to meet colleagues who live nearby – we often take our lunch breaks together and bite to eat at a local restaurant. Stockholm is a great place to live-winter can be rough but as a Swiss-Italian I’m not unfamiliar with snow and ice. And at this time of year, the city is becoming more vibrant – the weather is warmer, restaurants are buzzing and people are ready to enjoy themselves.

2:00 p.m.

When New York wakes up after lunch, I take more meetings and less time to write code or review documents. I like to stay up-to-date with the larger engineering community and work in open source আমার I usually have a bunch of projects on the go. Recently, I helped open source Eximetrics – a tool created by Spotify for Apple’s developer software Excode, which lets people collect, display and track metrics inside their team’s Excode build log. It can provide valuable insights to help improve both the developer’s experience and productivity.

7:00 pm

I tend to work fairly late in the evening to make the most of the overlap with New York. But around evening, at rest – I watch movies, play video games, all normal things. On Thursday evenings, I often play football with a few people from Spotify. And I’ve gotten more into cooking over the last year – I like to get my girlfriend or a few friends for dinner and try one of my new recipes. Somehow, I became the chef of the group, but I’m happier …

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