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In this episode of the Conglab Sessions podcast, the singer-songwriter Tori Kelly The experience of connecting with fans on social media becomes clear when sharing. Tory is no stranger to truly sharing himself with online fans. The Grammy-Award winner originally started covering pop classics on YouTube when he was a teenager and recently released his EP to bring the same reality to mid-epidemic fans. Solitude And launching his Instagram live show “QuaranTea with Tori”.

Here, Tory explains how new platforms like TickTock bring back the early days of social media when there was “no fluff” to hide behind and how fans became nostalgic for unfiltered and raw materials. He also talks about the negative aspects of social media comparisons and how artists can experiment with new trends without seeing how good they are. Listen to the episode, plus watch Key Takeway from Tori below.

Highlights from Tory Kelly’s Conglab Session episode

Don’t be afraid to share raw and unfiltered content I know I wasn’t one of OG YouTubers, obviously there are people who have been doing this for a long time, but something was happening at the time. I don’t know what it was, but it was a bunch of people coming together singing and collaborating. There is something about it. I think people are connected [it] Because there was no fluff. There was nothing to hide behind. It was like, “Here I have my really awesome camera quality, mic or nothing.” It was directly through the laptop or whatever we were using. Some even said they missed the voice clip because it was so loud because of the quality of the mic’s laptop [was] Terrible. Something about listening that took them back and was very nostalgic. There was really something about the raw unfiltered thing. I feel like people are wanting it again. I see these TikToks and there is nothing fancy about them. People want the raw thing where it is, “Here I am, and you go here.”

Don’t compare yourself to other artists, you go back to what is good

I’ve really always suggested that, and I’m constantly advising myself to, honestly, kill comparisons. It is very easy to compare yourself with other artists. When you see something working for someone else. It’s easy to say, “Oh, it’s working so maybe I should do it.” I still struggle with it. You’re constantly trying to figure out what the cool thing is and the word or thing that’s going to connect people. I think what I always go back to is that you know who you are, even if you’re still figuring out who you are, which we all are. None of us thought anything of it, but you know what you’re good at.

Post frequently and don’t be afraid to experiment with trends

I think more [posts], Good because you never know what’s going to catch up. I think the trend and everything is so great. If anyone is listening right now and they say, “I don’t know what to post,” I’ll say to follow the trend, which is hard for me to say because I hate it. I hate to follow what I do. But I think it’s a fun challenge for me even lately like, “Okay, some trends that everyone is doing”, and then just try to hope and see what happens.

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