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Today marks the start of Latinox Heritage Month, the annual celebration of the diverse and dynamic Latinox community around the world. In honor of this celebration, Spotify is being launched Always here, An awareness campaign to support our dynamic, bi-cultural Latino community and the myriad musical genres it continues to influence. Our goal is to expand the voice that shapes Latin culture, including challenging stereotypes, fighting adversity, and promoting the Latin American community through their work.

As part Always here, Which will run until mid-October, Spotify is releasing three Spotify single In our reformed, genre-agnostic playlist Mixed, Which spotlights artists across Latino expatriates, as well as works with renowned creators such as photographers Camilla Falkage And poets Yessica Salgado To share what the month and its theme means to them.

The Voice of Latin Music

Latinox is at the center of Heritage Month Mixed Playlists, where there are a mix of words, artists and languages ​​from different countries that are not easily identified as a specific genre but share the origins of Latin, moreover, Latin artists will also resonate with the audience. The playlist serves as a destination for artists in and around Latinx as a place to share existing music outside of clearly defined labels. It also serves to reflect the multifaceted connection of the Latino community with music, which is not limited to any one genre, a unique range of songs and artists appealing not only to our US Latino listeners but to listeners from all cultural backgrounds around. Earth

This Latin Heritage Month will launch Spotify Singles in collaboration with Spotify Mixto Playlists for the first time – the latest in a series of collaborations between Spotify Singles and other flagship playlists. Have and be, RapCaviar, Mint, And more. Spotify asked the growing Latino artists Twin shades, Amber Lucid, And Tokisa Adding their voices to the catalog of over 600 Spotify singles by recording a unique version of their own song (Side A) and the cover of their favorite song (Side B).

Twin shades, One of three artists to record Mixto Spotify singles, has shared his views with the growing Latin music scene For the record. “The future of Latin music is happening right now,” he said. “It simply came to our notice then. Everyone is taking from it, and it is mainstream in the best way. I think it will remain relevant and will deeply affect people forever. ”

Singer-songwriter Amber Lucid‘s Side A Single is a fresh take on his song “The lizard”Which provides a strong and magnetic up-tempo rendition of the core. His side B single introduces an interesting Spanish language Billy Ilish Billy Bosa NovaKnown as “Amber Basa Nova”. The Mexican Dominican artist makes the croning number his own by adding an underlying beat to English and Spanish songs. “I love Billy’s music, so it was fun to add my own lyrical twist to ‘Bosa Nova,'” Amber explained. “There are a lot of dads here. [the Mixto] Playlist! “

TokisaOf The release on the side creatively re-imagines his 2020 Panchi Reggaeton rap. “King of Popular“An acoustic unit bound with emotion. He also released his Side B rock cover of the 1967 salsa hit.”OppressiveBy La Lope, Swapping the original’s brass companion for an emotional electric guitar sound. The Dominican singer-songwriter and rapper explained his choice of song, reflecting, “I am acquainted with La Lope And especially the song ‘La Tirana’ which represents. “I think Mixto is important for artists who express their art through their voices, not a specific genre,” he said, detailing the importance of genre-agnostic playlists.

Twin shades Record a special edition of his comfortable acoustic single “Germany”Which moves the audience to the beat of the dance and with a peep of a retro pop song for the single at its side. He has also released a cover Kali UchisIts genre-mix “telepathy, ”Is the biggest hit of a Latino female artist this year, for her Side B single. The Dominican American singer-songwriter explained his approach to recording a brilliant revision of his “Telepetia”,“Sharing:” I began to reinterpret the song as if it were on my recent record. The hard part was the clever way in which Kali’s vocals flow and the song in Spanish, especially the way the words melt into words and the speed of its melody as opposed to the relatively smooth track of the original … I love the song and Isolated and tried my best to make it my own.

See the Latinx community

Its a mission to keep a face Always here, The famous Latinx photographer Camilla Falkage Latinix contains a series of powerful portraits of performers, activists and business owners with dignity and honesty. Some of his subjects include the owner of the Caribbean Social Club in New York City, Maria Antonia “Toita” K.; Dominican trans activist, organizer, former sex worker and founder of the nonprofit Bridge 4 Life Tahtiana Farmin; Mexican American artist, DJ, and community organizer Elisha Iquihua; And Mexican American filmmakers, multimedia artists, urban planners and social workers Jose Richard Evils.

There are self-recorded videos of Latin makers with portraits Time Uchis, Chuki 73, Simafunk, Juleca Lantigua Of How to talk [Mamí & Papí] About something, Eric Galindo Of Wild, And Edwin Coverubius Of Horror story podcast Celebrate their cultural experiences and improve their community. Camilla’s work can be found online on social media and on the billboards in Times Square.

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