5 Reasons to Check Out ‘Balda Ongok C Anak Durhaka,’ PODKESMAS’s Latest Spotify Original Podcast – Spotify

PODKESMAS Asia Network is the most listened podcast network in Indonesia with over 100 million streams. Such as the audience’s love show Player podcast Proposal, GJLS Entertainment, JoJolob podcast, And Cleven Night Podcast. And now, there’s more to love as the first episode of PODKESMAS’s new Spotify original podcast Son of Ongak, son of disobedience Available exclusively on Spotify.

The iconic quadrant of comedians Anand Omesh, Angga ‘Nggok’, Imam Darto, And Early ‘insomnia’ sunWho will act as the host, the audience shared five reasons why not miss an episode.

1. Shake off an evil day with an insane, yet deep, story line

Strange-ridiculous comedy scenes like Onggok will make the audience laugh as they curse the toilet bowl and jump on it. At the same time, however, the plots teach us a different meaningful life about things like friendship, respect for our parents, and forgiveness of our past mistakes.

2. Enhance your podcast listening experience

The show brings a full-fledged film production team from music and casting directors to writers and line producers. Not only that, the production uses the most sophisticated audio recording equipment to provide the audience with immersive and clear movie audio effects. With the complexity of producing this new level of podcast, listeners will be able to hear even the smallest sound details. Just grab a headset and sit back.

3. Learn new talent from big names in the entertainment industry

The show will reunite Powerhouse cast members as such You Sudiro, Even Rice cake, For To drink, And Star Give it to me. And although the names are familiar, fans will hear their choices in a whole new light because they provide new forms of fantasy comedy through audio drama and characterization when they hear talent.

4. Listen to behind-the-scenes content, from bloopers to interviewing guest stars

Each week, listeners can look forward to a bonus episode that will shed light on fun moments from the recording process. Through behind-the-scenes content and bloopers, listeners can hear unused and humorous ones full of uncontrolled laughter and forgotten lines. Fans can listen to the backstage chat with guest stars and hear the side of their story.

5. It was created by none other than PODKESMAS under PODKESMAS Asia Network

PODKESMAS itself was nominated as Indonesia’s Most Popular Comedy Podcast in the Spotify Wrap 2020 Award and is a regular on Indonesia’s Spotify Weekly Top Podcast Chart. So listeners will definitely be ready for a treat – just get ready to be carried!

Fans of PODKEMAS should be sure to check out the first episode Son of Ongak, son of disobedience, Available for free, exclusively on Spotify.

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