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River Belle Terrace is a table service restaurant located on Disneyland’s Frontierland, specializing in Southern cuisine. 20% of our reader surveys rate River Belle Terrace as a “thumbs down,” making it Disneyland’s worst-rated table service restaurant, compared to 7% in Carnation Cafe, 8% in Cafe Orleans and 13% in Blue Bayou). It’s been a few years since we reviewed River Belle, so we thought we’d have to find out again if it deserves its reputation or if it’s an underrated gem.

Beautiful colors and beautiful lighting adorn the interior dining area of ​​River Belle Terrace. The outdoor patio has tables and chairs with umbrellas to block out the sun. We enjoyed the outdoor tables for the people watching and the ambiance of Rivers of America, but the interior is fine.

River Belle Terrace is located at a transition point between Frontierland and Adventureland. We appreciate how the interior finds a way to match the theme of both lands.

Here’s a look at the menu. There aren’t many options right now, which is true with many of Disneyland Resort’s current dining menus, but there are a variety of items.

I’ll start things off with my party’s agreed favorite dish, grilled chicken sandwich fried in spicy buttermilk and brisket. I had dinner at the Belle River with my girlfriend and the Disney Tourist Blog Brickers. We booked a reservation without doing any prior research, so we didn’t know what to expect. When we sat down and read the menu, we feared we had made a wrong choice. “How good can a grilled cheese sandwich be?” Very well, it turns out. The grilled cheese sandwich with fried chicken and spicy milk is a lot of good sinful amenities. It’s heavy and not healthy in any way, but it’s fantastic.

Here’s the cross section so you can see the layers of brisket, cheese and fried chicken. That was worth every penny.

Then we have the milk-fried chicken sandwich served with jalapeño and aioli slaw on the barbecue. The fried chicken here is the same as in the sandwich mentioned above. We enjoyed the good kick that jalapeño has provided us. This was a good sandwich, but it’s hard to recommend when for just $ 4 more you can get grilled fried chicken sandwich and spicy buttermilk.

The theme park fish is always a risk, but the open-faced black catfish did not disappoint. The candied bacon was delicious and the tartar sauce provided a good tasty taste. It is worth mentioning that each starter comes with baked beans and “potato bites”. The Brickers and I agreed that the beans were bad, but everyone loved the potato bites.

Pimento Mac & Cheese includes smoked skins, crumbled herbs and crispy fried onions. Crumbled grass and onions provided a satisfying crunch to every bite. Overall, it’s good, but at $ 22 personally it would cost me a lot to justify it as food when there are so many good sandwiches on the menu.

For dessert we ordered the monkey seasonal bread, which was heavenly. It is warm, sweet and full of pumpkin. I recently reviewed it in my Disneyland Halloween food post and will repeat my warning here – don’t try to share it, as it will cause fights over who gets each bite. Save yourself the trouble and insist on asking for one.

We ordered three for the table and it still wasn’t enough. Keep in mind that while this is the special version of the pumpkin-flavored Halloween season, River Belle usually has some form of monkey bread on the menu.

Our final verdict is that River Belle Terrace does not deserve its low score and is definitely worth it if you are looking for a dining service at Disneyland. These starters will weigh you down, so you’ll arrive hungry or have dinner later in the day, so your energy won’t sink trying to digest these beasts.

What do you think of River Belle Terrace? Have you eaten there recently? Let us know in the comments.

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