Disney news you missed: 220 space menus, increased resistance CHANGE and hotel discounts.

BUCKLE UP FOLKS: This week has been GREAT when it comes to Disney news.

Golden statues in Magic Kingdom

To want save money on your vacation trip at Disney World? We covered you! Want to know what’s in the menu for space 220? We have it too. Curious about Processional Candlelight and whether this will return to EPCOT this year? Yes, we also have an update. Grab their hats and glasses, because here we review ALL the news you need to know about Disney.

1 – Holiday offers

We’ll start with some ways to save on your trips to Disney World this year. Earlier this week, Disney announced some holiday deals for different individuals.

These holidays, Florida residents can save BIG on some Disney World hotels. Annual shareholders You can also save with some special hotel deals. And the offer of holiday hotels has been announced Members of the Disney Visa card too.

Pop century Christmas tree

Don’t you fall into these groups? Well, you may still be able to save these holidays, but yes you need to check your email! This week, some customers have received an email with a unique offer code that will allow them to save on some Disney World hotels as well during this holiday season.

Grand Floridian lobby

Most of these offers apply to hotel stays from 12 to 24 December and are only available for some Disney World Resort hotels, so be sure to check and see if they work for you.

Click here for more information on all the current deals and discounts that can help you save money on your trip to Disney World.

2 – Processional by candlelight

Speaking of the holidays, Disney made some announcements about the holiday season some time ago, but did not mention at the time whether Candlelight Processional would return or not. But now we have an update.

Epcot’s Candlelight Processional

This week, Disney has shared it the fan favorite holiday program returns to EPCOT this year! Performances will begin the day November 26th. All performers must be fully vaccinated. There will also be some changes with the show; for example, Disney does not plan to host choirs from different community groups and schools as part of this year’s performance. But, we get the feeling that fans will be very excited to see this show work again.

Click here for more information on the return of Candlelight Processional.

3 – Increased resistance WITHOUT boarding groups

Currently, if you want to upload Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance at Disney Studios Hollywood, you should try to grab a boarding group, which can be one of the most difficult (and sometimes stressful) things to do during your trip. But soon that will change.

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

Starting Sept. 23, Disney will pause the use of virtual queues for Rise of the Resistance. This means, from September 23, you can ride Rise of the Resistance simply by jumping to the standard queue.

Rise of resistance

However, Disney noted that customers should continue to check for updates to the My Disney Experience app. the boarding group system for this journey may return in the future or return from time to time.

Rise of resistance

How can this be changed with Rise of the Resistance will it impact Disney’s next pay-per-view system (selection of individual attractions)? Here we share ALL our thoughts.

Click here to see more about this change in Rise of the Resistance.

4 – Space 220

Are you excited to eat in space ?! So get ready to get even more excited! Even though we already had the Space 220 opening date, this week we receive more details about the restaurant out of this world that will open soon at EPCOT.

First, we have some a new conceptual art that recently shows the “space elevator” which will transport guests to the space station where they will eat.

© Disney

Then we finally got details about how reservations will work in space 220 when it opens and WHEN you will be able to make those dining reservations.

© Disney | You can ride in a SPACE ELEVATOR!

But perhaps the most important thing is that this week we have succeeded Full menus and prices for Space 220! Does anyone have a galactic lobster balloon, a blue moon cauliflower, or a sticky caramel pudding cake?

© Disney

Check out the FULL menu to see what food you can enjoy when Space 220 opens.

Click here to see the Space 220 menus.

But wait, there’s more! This week we were also able to check that the posters for space 220 are in the EPCOT …

We can’t wait!

… and we also shared some photos that give you one take a look inside space 220!

© Disney

We can’t wait to see this new place when it opens in a few days (September 20). Be sure to check back with us for more updates.

Click here learn more about Space 220.

5 – Club Cool is back and the creative store opens

2 NEW points have also been opened this week at EPCOT – the creative shop and the Cool Club!

The Creations Shop is EPCOT’s new flagship store and the replacement for Mouse Gear. The store has a modern design with lots of natural light and bright colors.

Creation shop

When you shop at the creations store, you can pick up items from the store new collection of colors and light. This EPCOT themed collection is exclusive to the creations store and has some fun and unique pieces that EPCOT fans will love!

EPCOT Light Collection

The collection even includes a file pair of ears nine which are pretty enough during the day, but really shine at night. Just warn them: you’ll need to charge them (yes, you’ll need to charge your ears).

We want every Minnie bow to light up now, please!

If you want to omit payment lines here, be sure to use Mobile Merchandise Checkout if it’s available during your visit.

If you fancy a snack, you can now also check out the newly opened popcorn spot near Creations Shop.

Click here to see more information about the NEW merchandise we think EPCOT fans will love.

Then we move on to the Cool Club. The revitalized version of Club Cool is now open.

The entrance has a whole new look!

Beverly is back and you can also try a bunch of other soft drinks from around the world while you’re there.

It’s time to taste soft drinks!

Click here to see it EACH individual drink can be taken at the Cool Club. How is the new Club Cool different from the old? Click here to see all our thoughts.

Is Club Cool still free? Click here to find out.

6 – Dessert parties are back with fireworks

If you like pyrotechnic dessert parties and food packages, this is the news you’ve been waiting for. This week, Disney announced it There will soon be 3 new artificial dessert parties at Magic Kingdom!

© Disney

The festivities themselves will begin on October 3, but reservations have opened today, September 17th.

Click here to see the 3 parties announced by Magic Kingdom.

If you don’t want to be in Magic Kingdom, but still want to enjoy a fireworks food package and see the Magic Kingdom fireworks, you can check out the A new food party has been announced for the top of Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

California Grill Observation Fireworks

The “Celebration at the Top: 50th Flavors & Fireworks” will begin offering on October 2nd and reservations will open today, September 17th.

Click here for more information on this food festival.

And finally, if you want to enjoy a fireworks food package for EPCOT’s new, Harmonious fireworks, you’ll be happy to know that Soon 2 new food packages with fireworks will be available at EPCOT.

Harmonious © Disney

Packages will start offering on October 1st and bookings will open on September 23rd.

Click here for more information on the fireworks food packages announced by EPCOT.

7 – More restaurant updates

This week we also received some news about the restaurants (we tell you, it was VERY the week). The Crystal Palace at Magic Kingdom has long been open, but serves a combined meal to the family or à la carte. Recently, Crystal Palace has once again been a full buffet.

Seafood bowls

The buffet includes seafood bowls with prawns and crab claws, ribs, delicious mashed potatoes and more.

Click here to read our full review of Crystal Palace and its buffet service.

Also in Magic Kingdom, The Diamond Horseshoe has reopened and serves some items that you may recognize at another nearby restaurant.

Doesn’t it look irresistible ?!

Yes, this is Liberty Tree Tavern’s famous Oooey Gooey candy pie. At Diamond Horseshoe, you can enjoy a family meal that can be eaten with all the signature desserts, as well as pot roast, turkey, stuffing, macaroni and cheese, among others.

Read our full diamond horseshoe review.

Want to eat at a NEW restaurant at Disney World? Well, at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, The Wave … of American Flavors has closed and is being replaced by NEW Steakhouse 71. This week we received details about Steakhouse 71’s opening date and ALL food that will be available when this site opens.

© Disney

Steakhouse 71 will also have one living room with own menu, so there will be many delicious things to try.

© Disney

Want to see food prices at Steakhouse 71? Click here! This week we were also able to see some concept art from this new restaurant; you can check it out by clicking here.

Steakhouse 71 reservations are now available; click here for more information.

8– A reinvented show arrives at Animal Kingdom

For months, Finding Nemo: The Musical has been closed at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Now we know what happens in this place.

© Disney

Earlier this week, Disney announced that a The new Finding Nemo-themed show will hit Animal Kingdom in 2022. We are looking for more news on this.

Click here for more information on the reinvented program.

9 – Hotel news

This week, we also received news from hotels. Disney’s All-Star Music resort has officially reopened

Let’s go!

Click here for the rest of the hotel’s reopening dates.

Updates from the 10th to the 50th anniversary

Finally, we end with some 50th anniversary updates. Over the last few days, we were able to see it 50th anniversary monorail decorations …


Cinderella pumpkins, combining Halloween and 50 …

Cinderella pumpkins

… a 50th Anniversary Popcorn Box…

50th Anniversary Popcorn Cube

50th anniversary statues at EPCOT, Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios …

Miguel and Dante at EPCOT

… 50th anniversary topiaries and a cake (!!) at Magic Kingdom …

It’s a party!

… and an exclusive 50th anniversary tiara that you will have to wait to get.

Tiara of the 50th anniversary

The start of the 50th anniversary celebrations is just a few weeks away, so stay tuned as well.

As for other Disney news this week, check out some of our stories below.

Harmonious will debut soon

And that’s all for us in terms of this week’s news. Be sure to check back with us for more updates.

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