FIRST LOOK: Carnation Cafe has reopened at Disneyland.

Disneyland has as much history as the first Disney park to debut around the world. And, one of the points of the park that exists from the beginning is Carnation coffee on Main Street, USA!

Carnation Café!

The restaurant has been quiet since Disneyland reopened, but the parks revealed customers could return soon. And finally, the day comes to take a step back in time and re-enter the Carnation Cafe.

Carnation Café is open breakfast from 8:00 to 11:00 i lunch from 11:20 to 14:00 just before the doors close for the day. You may know the Carnation Cafe for its famous menu items like the Fried pickles i Walt’s favorite chili. But, the restaurant also introduces new items like the Patty Melt with parmesan crust or he Short rib with homemade Mac and Cheese in honor of its reopening, along with the return of fan favorites.

It’s time to go inside!

For Carnation Café, it is highly recommended that you book in advance. However, you can also get a reservation the same day or even if you’re lucky (today we were able to come in and get a seat!). Without further ado, let’s get into it!


To have breakfast

Guests have so many options to choose from at Carnation Cafe, from sweet to savory and even healthy. Options like breakfast, buttermilk pancakes and even oatmeal overnight will be a hit for everyone at your party.

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There are also children’s meals, where the kids at your party can choose silver dollar cookies, Mickey cookies or Mickey scrambled eggs as starters, with two sides of seasonal fruit, smoked apple bacon or potatoes for breakfast.

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Breakfast also includes some unique drinks, such as hot cocoa with cinnamon spices to pair with breakfast.

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Lunch has many more options than breakfast with a variety of soups, salads and starters to start the afternoon.

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For an entree, there are gourmet burgers, sandwiches and more, including Parmesan Toasted Patty Melt, Braised Short Rib and Roasted Turkey Club Sandwich.

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It wouldn’t be a good meal without finishing dessert! And guests can try the Apple Pie à la Mode or the seasonal Cheesecake during their visit.

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There are also baby food options, whether they want Disney PB&J check food or personalized choice. Other menu options include a burger, Mac & Cheese or Chicken Fried Chicken as a starter …

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… with two sides, including seasonal fruits, french fries, seasonal vegetables or mashed potatoes.

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We stopped at the Carnation Café for lunch! We started with the Baked potato soup topped with French fries, bacon, cheddar, Monterey Jack, sour cream and chives per 8 USD.

Baked potato soup!

Then we got the Fried pickles, which are Panko fried dill pickle battered by hand with homemade sauce per 8 USD.

Fried pickles!

The last headline was essential. Walt’s Chile, which is a Abundant chili with cheese, sour cream, chives and cornbread garnish, is available for $ 9.

I can’t skip Walt’s Chili!

The first starter we tried today was the Roasted Turkey Club sandwich, that has Freshly sliced ​​pavilion, smoked apple bacon, ripe tomatoes in the vineyard, Monterey Jack, lettuce, mayo avocado and lemon aioli in toasted fermented dough served with fresh fruit or a la carte fries per $ 14.

Roasted Turkey Club Sandwich!

The second dish we tried was the Stewed short rib with Homemade mac and cheese and seasonal vegetables per $ 23!

Stewed short rib!

Finally, we finished the meal with Apple Pie A La Mode with Vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce per $ 9!

Apple Pie A La Mode!

Carnation Cafe is a very special value meal, especially if you want to take a break to explore Disneyland. Breakfast costs approximately $ 14.99 or less per person, while eating lunch $ 15 to $ 34.99 per person! If you’re looking for a lovely sitting experience on the main street, you’ll want to head to Carnation Cafe. And, you can stay up to date with AllEars to learn about the latest Disney news and entertainment.

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What is your favorite Disneyland restaurant? Let us know in the comments below.

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