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Excluding new music is about making the right audience aware of your latest release at the right time. Artists and their teams use everything from billboards and digital banners to ads on social media that turn these ads into audiences and ultimately fans. But such advertising campaigns can be ambiguous in their targets, inconsistent with their results, and ambiguous in terms of their impact on the audience. Of course, buying an ad on a social media platform can increase the visibility of your music, but with each step a potential listener runs the risk of getting lost in the process of reaching Spotify from that platform.

The artists and their teams wanted new and better ways to engage and develop audiences for their new releases on Spotify, so we developed Marquee A powerful promotional tool that serves both the artist and the audience. Mark, unlike other paid marketing tools, allows artists to target an audience based on their listening history rather than a wide population or interest. It reaches the audience when they decide they need to listen instead of scrolling through any feed. Finally, Marquee’s reporting measures the impact on listening to music and engaging fans.

Have questions about Marquee? We got the answer for you.

What exactly is Marquee? How does it work?

If you’re a Spotify user, you’ve probably seen a notification that will recommend new music from an artist of your choice when you open the mobile app – it’s a marquee. This campaign tool grabs the audience’s attention and guides them directly to your new album, EP or single from the app’s home screen. Specifically, Marquee is a full-screen, applicable recommendation of your new release Spotify free and for premium listeners who have shown interest in your music and are likely to hear more of it. Marquee raises awareness about your new release and deepens your connection with audiences who become more engaged listeners and bigger fans.

Why should I use Marquee (and not any other digital marketing tool)?

Marquee is the best way to focus the right audience on your new music on Spotify, because it reaches them at the right time.

With Marquee you can target yourself Reaching audienceThat is, an optimal group of your listeners and followers created by Spotify who have shown interest in your music through a stream or follower. Through these activities, the audience within your reach is more likely to stream your music. This group is more attentive than you Spotify monthly audience And that only includes people in the country you’re looking at. We select them for your campaign because they can enjoy your recommendations, helping you get more effective results. If you have an audience to support it, you can target it too Department Recent interested, casual, or extinct listeners – the audiences you reach based on the way they engage with your music.

And, at the right time, unlike other digital music marketing tools where you reach people while browsing websites or social media feeds, Marquee allows you to stream your music to free and premium Spotify listeners when they open the app. Minimal intruder, helpful for interested listeners and virtually non-abrasive.

How does the budget work?

Budgets for the Marquee campaign start at $ 250, and the campaign continues until the budget is spent seven days after your campaign starts, whichever comes first. Since marquee is valuable on a cost-per-click basis, we spend your budget only when people actually click on the marquee.

Also, to maximize the value of your spend, Marquee filters out people who have already intentionally flowed from the new release. During the campaign, you will only reach those who have not yet actively listened.

When is the best time to start a marquee campaign?

Marquis can start anytime within the first three weeks of your release. Choose a start date that is most consistent with your campaign goals. If you want maximum and quickest impact, start campaigning on release day and coordinate your promotional efforts. You’ll probably see higher engagement (e.g., conversion rate, per listener flow). If you want a delayed boost, start your promotion after release day. Since we’ve removed people who have already actively streamed releases from targeting your campaign, you’ll only reach people who haven’t heard yet.

Can I expect results?

After your Marquee campaign ends, Spotify will report to you that those who watched the campaign with your release added streams, saves, and playlists to each audience. We have seen that the audience is responding well to these recommendations; On average, more than 15% of people who watch a Marquee stream from a released release within two weeks. And, their streaming doesn’t stop there: listeners who watch Marquee can save up to 2x more tracks or add them to their personal playlists for future listening if they don’t. When evaluating results, remember that marquee helps you reach the right audience and keep them engaged. That means you run the depth of the result versus the width.

Okay, I’m sold. How do I run a marquee campaign?

If you are interested in using Marquee to target audiences in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, submit your information Here To book a campaign through a Spotify representative. In the United States, we are gradually introducing a new self-service buying experience for artists on Spotify, so you can manage marquee promotions directly from your dashboard. It is available to teams with more than 15,000 streams and U.S. billing data in the U.S. over the past 28 days.

If you turn off these requirements, ask one of your team administrators to follow these simple steps to book your campaign within 18 days of your release date.

  1. Log on to on the desktop.
  2. Click on the three dots at the top left.
  3. Select “your team”, then specify a billing country for the group you want (if you are in more than one group).
  4. Go to “Billing”.
  5. Add an email, billing country and US credit card under “Billing Information”.
  6. If you have a suitable release, within 24 hours you will start to see a new “Campaigns” tab where you can create a marquee directly from your Spotify for Artists dashboard. If you don’t have a proper release, you won’t have quick access to the “Campaigns” tab; We will add you in the coming months.

If you want to know more about how Marquee helped the artists’ campaign, check out our case study Red girl, Jackboy, Mount Joy, Cascade, And Lecrae.

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