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With hits like “Don’t Delete the Kiss” and “Bros.” under their belts, reviews from publications like NME, Mercury Prize for their 2017 Sophomore album, A vision of life, Wolf Alice One of the most famous rock bands of the last ten years. So when the band and their label, Dirty Hit, decided to release their third studio album, Blue Weekend, Their goal was to create a splash like they had never done before and confirm that Wolf Ellis ’name and music were ubiquitous when the record fell in June this year. “After winning the Mercury Award and receiving so much critical acclaim, you think you need to level up,” said Perdy Higgs, Dirty Hit’s streaming and digital promotion manager. “In this example,” flattening “means focusing intensely on streaming success and engaging fans in Spotify that kind of sink listening is familiar to rock fans.

Higgs Spotify for Artist Tools Canvas and Marquee for one or two kites that will help create the perfect storm of activity around the release Blue Weekend, And motivate listeners to engage more deeply with the band’s music in the long run.

“A lot of our strategy was to make sure that even before we launched the new music, we were using tools to reconnect the fanbase and help the followers run.” Lead up to the album release, they use Canvas Wolf Alice’s back catalog to inspire new songs with new images. They later created the canvas for each song on the new album.

Higgs explains, “An employed fanbase is someone who will embrace what you are expressing in its entirety.” “They take time to understand the album, and Blue Weekend It was bound up with the scene. We’ve released an official video for each track on the album, which was replicated on the platform with 11 unique canvases for each song. We wanted to create an experience by which this fanbase was involved, as they were embracing all sorts of whole albums while embracing it.

With primed for visitors Blue Weekend, It was time to make noise on the big day. Dirty Hit started their UK Marquee The June promotion, the release date of the album, informs fans that the expected new album finally arrived that Friday. “In the first week or so, everyone saw Wolf Ellis everywhere,” Higgs said. “[We wanted people to] Listen to them on the radio, watch them on Spotify, watch them on TV, watch their billboards in London, for us, Marquee was not only a way to get viewers, it was also a statement.

Awareness was high before the release to strategically engage the audience and make sure to use Marquee when it was made for great results, in particular, an average of 32 streams per listener. In fact, .85..8% of Spotify listeners who have seen Marquee have flown Blue weekend In two weeks. Fans were not only interested, they also invested in this music. “Compared to others, we are really impressed with the results [promotional] The platform, “Higgs says.” It’s an amazing thing to see because it shows that people are swallowing it whole and people are taking it patiently. ”

Their marquee campaign has shown positive results, not only in the release-day fan engagement, but also in developing the dirty hits of loyal fans; Que% of listeners who have watched Marquee have saved or added a track from the album to a playlist (which we call “Intent Rate”) – another sign that they’ve reached the right audience that was a win for the band, the label, and Higgs: “Although The expectation is that rock and alternatives aren’t so much associated with streaming, I have some of their most loyal, employed, wonderful fans and I think it’s been really nice to learn from them. ”

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