It airs first place to see the new Disney Transportation 50th Anniversary wraps

The cast members are the heart of Walt Disney World Resort’s magic; each has a special role in “The Most Magical Celebration in the World,” starting October 1st. The role of our Transport division is rich in heritage.

This year we are not only celebrating 50 years of Walt Disney World, but we are celebrating 50 years of Disney Transportation and its legacy, which goes back to the innovative mind of Walt Disney himself.

To commemorate this milestone, members of the Walt Disney World Transportation cast were among the first to see the new 50th birthday bus, Disney Skyliner gondola and monorail wraps. His reactions to these surprises were, to say the least, stimulating.

Transportation maintenance mechanic Roderick said working on the monorails is something he never thought he would do. “It has been a real pleasure in my life. Now to see the new packaging of our workshop and prepared for the guests, is a great privilege ”.

At Disney Skyliner, the 50th-themed gondola wrap will be the first addition to cast members since Disney Skyliner opened in 2019.

Disney Skyliner Host Alexandra

“It’s always fun to help guests choose their favorite gondola,” said Alexandra, presenter of Disney Skyliner. “I know which one I’ll show you!”

Disney Stacy bus driver

“I’m very excited to be a magic bus driver during celebration number 50,” Stacy said. “I am very eager to pick up not only our guests, but our co-stars on the new EARidescent bus.”

Whether you arrive by boat, bus, monorail or gondola, members of the Transportation cast have always been one of the first teams to see guests even step on a theme park. It is with this feeling that we celebrate these cast members today and every day for their commitment to making the magic move.

Head over to Instagram @ WDW.Ambassador to see how the candid reactions of these cast members to the transport envelopes of Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary are revealed.

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