Meet the new ambassadors of Disneyland Paris

With the help of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, our President Natacha Rafalski and many of our former Disneyland Paris ambassadors, we revealed the names of our next ambassadors during a unique and historic announcement ceremony that made many members of the cast together for a truly memorable moment. It was definitely a day full of emotions and tears of joy were shed!

After several weeks full of excitement and suspense, the word has come out: Carmen Lleo Badal (Contact Center) and Quentin Rodrigues (Show & Ride Engineering) will have the honor of representing Disneyland Paris in 2022 and beyond. His tenure promises to be full of exceptional moments, including the celebration of the 30th anniversary of our resort.

I am very proud of them as they made their way into our selection process by completing several interviews with cast members from different divisions and demonstrating their skills through a series of tests on public prayer, content creation on social media and community involvement.

Carmen, originally from Spain, joined the company in 2011 and gained experience in different roles, first at Food & Beverage and later as an attraction hostess. After expanding her knowledge of event management in the United States, Carmen returned to Disneyland Paris and joined the digital team at our contact center, where she helps guests on upcoming stays to make sure spend the most magical time with us. His love for Disneyland Paris comes from his family, as they have been guests throughout the resort’s lifetime. Even his brother joins our large family of cast members periodically during the high season.

Quentin has a double degree in Engineering, part of which he attended at the University of California, Berkeley. Like Carmen, Quentin has international experience when she joined Walt Disney World Resort as a host of attractions on Peter Pan’s Flight in 2015, before joining Disneyland Paris in 2018 on the Show & Engineering team. Ride. Every day we guarantee our guests to enjoy our attractions to the fullest and guess what: he has become the engineer responsible for … Peter Pan’s Flight! Talk about a full circle!

Selection of ambassadors of New Disneyland Paris

They are eager to represent the many talents of the cast members, highlighting our different roles, talents and creativity. I couldn’t be more excited to start their training in the coming months, watch them grow and become fabulous ambassadors! You will make us proud of Carmen and Quentin!

Stay tuned to @DLPAmbassador on Instagram and Facebook to follow in the footsteps of Carmen and Quentin on this extraordinary adventure.

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