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In this episode of the Colab Sessions podcast, Amber digs into the Horsburgh fan development and why it’s important for artists to create their own channels to connect directly with their viewers. Founder of Amber Deep cut, A music marketing newsletter where he shares resources and industry insights with individual artists, has designed successful promotional campaigns for artists Mike Snow, Cold War Kids, And Chet Faker.

Here, Amber refutes the myth surrounding growing a fanbase while sharing her skills, reminding artists that it’s not just about gaining a large number of followers but actually communicating with fans and offline. He also spoke about the importance of using social media as a traffic source so that artists are not at the mercy of constantly changing algorithms. Listen to the episode, see the key takeaways from Amber below.

Highlights from the Alab Horsburg Colab session

Create your own communication channel

This is the way you want to approach social media[to] What it is, use it for a traffic source, and turn that traffic off into a proprietary channel. What I mean by a proprietary channel is where you have more power over the way you reach those people and engage with those people, more power over when and where your messages will appear. Everyone knows that if you look at the algorithm and you don’t own anything, it’s really hard to reach people and you’re subject to algorithm changes.

Focus on fan development, not just increase your fanbase

Another common problem, when it comes to growing fan base, is focusing too much on getting new fans and not enough on what you are doing to maintain your existing fans. Gaining new fans is more expensive. Developing those who have heard about you is more expensive than being their fan. Maybe they’re a light listener, maybe they know a song of yours, but they don’t actually know that you’re the artist behind that song, developing that fan is going to be cheap for you.

Don’t rely on social media alone to connect with fans.

One of the biggest challenges and problems for artists when their fan base is growing is to rely solely on social media. I’ve worked on a lot of campaigns where it’s a big issue, where the artist says start [with their] First record, it’s really, really good and [is] Really successful, and they have gained quite a large following on social media at that time. Then they leave, they record next and they come back and maybe it’s been a few years and the whole scenario has changed.

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