PHOTOS: Check out EPCOT space 220!

Space 220 is just days away from opening on September 20th.

Space 220

Space 220 it will take guests 220 miles “above” the Earth for dinner with immersive views of space. Tonight, FOX 35’s David Martin has shared an inside look inside space 220 and we’re ready to eat there. Let’s take a look!

FOX 35’s David Martin (@ FOX35David on Twitter) shared a first look at Space 220 tonight with photos of the restaurant, drinks and dessert. He described the new restaurant as “impressive” and said the food and drinks are “excellent”.

First, Martin shared one photo of the interior of the restaurant, which actually looks like you’re eating into space!

© @ FOX35 David David Martin on Twitter

When diners look at the restaurant’s “windows,” they can see the Earth below.

© @ FOX35 David David Martin on Twitter

The dishes look unusual and amazing and we can’t wait to try them.

© @ FOX35 David David Martin on Twitter

And a drink seems to have it star-shaped lemon peel, while the other does Pop Rocks!

© @ FOX35 David David Martin on Twitter

Space 220 opens on September 20 and reservations also open that day. Tickets will be allowed at the beginning, but reservations are recommended from September 27 onwards. Stay tuned for a full image of AllEars once we visit space 220.

Click here to read the full menu and prices for Space 220.

Are you excited to eat in space 220? Tell us in the comments!

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