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This year’s Spotify Star Jam, (virtual for the first time!) Is coming to an end, and no doubt, we’ll all miss it. But did you know that Jam was an annual event that took place in person at Spotify headquarters and we already had six editions of it? No? Then, keep reading because I have a foresight here.

First, Spotify Star Program 2011 kicked off at the end of 2013. Since this date, we’ve had really great events and activities, but Jam has been our golden apple (Or disk 3). The truth is that Star Jam is no less than a big annual event where the stars get together and share their love for Spotify and the community. So, without further ado, let’s go back in time …

Oh – I almost forgot to share Amazing playlist, But there is still time to put on your headphones and read this blog. You’ll enjoy it, I promise 3 Then let’s go!

2014 – Stockholm, Sweden 3

Stockholm is home (It’s like Stockholm – okay, okay sorry for that word 3) Of Spotify, and here’s Daniel one and Martin Laurentjan has started to be the largest and best music streaming company in the world. Back in 2014, Was part of the Seven Star Jam and had the opportunity to visit Spotify headquarters, the birthplace of Spotify, and discuss music and Spotify (Of course) With the team.

One of the 2014 stars, Et Peter__ described the event as “an amazing opportunity to watch.” The majority of the team together in one place “There is no doubt that it really was …

2014 Group.jpg

2015 – Stockholm, Sweden 3

In 2015, Nine stars from seven different countries had the opportunity to meet Spotify people at the Spotify headquarters and travel to Stockholm. The Stars spoke with Spotify CEO Daniel Eck and CTO Oscar Stall about customer support, iOS, user research and more …

– Marco (The hero of the Idea Board) Described the event and the opportunity to talk to the Spotify team as an “amazing experience”.

Att Matsuda (one of the oldest stars) said that “we chat online, but connecting to the same room which makes the jam extraordinary. The vibrancy of the office was amazing and I had a smile on my face the whole time.”


2016 – Stockholm, Sweden 3

Us in 2016 Third Star Jam Done. This time, nothing less than ten stars participated. They come from six different countries (United States, Greece, Bulgaria, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands). This year, interestingly, was the first jam that ater Katrina, one of the current modes (but a star of ’16). Yes, he was already a star), Join. And in his words, Jam was “a great way to gain insight into the company, how the app works and most of the faces behind the community.” The Stars had the opportunity to visit headquarters in Stockholm and talk to some of the Spotify team.

2016 auditorium.  Jpg2016 group.jpg

2017 – Stockholm, Sweden 3

Come back in 2017, Fourth Star Jam was as amazing as the other versions. This time, nine stars have traveled to Stockholm and visited Spotify headquarters and TO Spotify was also able to participate in karaoke, DJ lessons, A Swedish cooking course, And A competitor at the Sons concert Grena Lund.

Brazil Bittencourt, from Brazil, described the exchange of knowledge stars as “something unique”.

2017 group.jpeg21016037_10207997252883838_5628198540032858421_o.jpg

2018 – Stockholm, Sweden 3

Give place for 2018 Fifth edition Jam and this time, ten stars flew to Stockholm to meet with Spotify headquarters and talk to some Spotify staff. Also, they had a Q&A session with Spotify co-founder Martin Lorentzon and were hanged around town (That’s beautiful, by the way). Ound Soundofas described this version as full of amazing moments. “There was a perfect balance between fun time and educational ‘business time’! Unfortunately, it always goes too fast.”

2018 group.jpeg2017 group2.jpeg

2019 – New York, USA 3

The Sixth edition Jam brought a new place. In 2019, the five-star flew into a city that never sleeps, and had the exciting opportunity to meet New York’s new Spotify headquarters. This was the first time the jam had been held in a city other than Stockholm. The Stars toured the new office, met with various Spotify staff and Also took a walking tour of Manhattan and tasted some great food at the local restaurant. They also tried their hand at bowling and listened to local bands. Naturally beautiful!

2019 group.jpgIMG_20190814_132642 70% .jpeg

2021 – Unearthly 3

In 2020, due to the Kovid-1 pandemic epidemic, the jam did not happen for obvious reasons, but this year, for the first time, Star Jam has come to our screen and it is amazing so far. Virtual Star Jam is an event hosted by community managers, mods, otherEmmaBe and some more awesome people like us. This time, we’ve been talking to Spotify staff all week, meeting each other and playing virtually some amazing games.

Spotify Virtual Star Jam 2021 - Group Photo.PNG

The Star program is a great way to make new friends and connect with people from all over the world who share the same love for Spotify. While the jams are virtually being hosted, hopefully, better days will come and the jams will come back in person. They give us the opportunity to meet each other and enjoy incredible experiences together.

If you’re not a star yet, Join the Spotify Star program now And be part of our band. Wherever you are, welcome on board! 3


Thanks to all the moderators, managers, Spotify staff, and contributors for hosting and supporting the Jam and Spotify Star programs. You are all awesome!

Also, thanks to all the stars who helped a lot in the community and especially those who were directly or indirectly involved in this 2021 jam. We all do an amazing job together every day!

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