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Five years ago, Fridays got much better with the launch of the release radar. Personalized playlists provide each listener with a weekly roundup of new music from their favorite artists over the weekend – and in the process quickly became a favorite of fans. Since its launch in 2016, Spotify users around the world have streamed more from the playlist. 16 billion times.

Release Radar has become one of the top three personalized playlists for listeners around the world, with more than 50% of viewers aged 18 to 29 playing. It can be found under “Discover new music”Made for youHub. In honor of the playlist’s fifth anniversary, we’re sharing some of the songs and artists that were on the audience’s radar.

Some hot tracks:

Some popular artists:

And now, for the first time, the release is joining the ranks of Radar Discover weekly And Repeat As the third personalized playlist available for ad sponsorship. This opportunity allows brands to align with a playlist that sits at the crossroads of innovation and culture. It updates with music from the last six days of each week, which means listeners receive new songs according to their own tastes and advertisers can provide new perspectives, services and products.

Our first US launch partner is leading the Disney + path. The company will use the release radar to promote their Billy Ilish concert photos Happier than ever: A love letter to Los Angeles, Which premiered in September. Learn more about opportunities

Stay ahead of the curve and see the latest tunes on your personalized weekly release radar Made for you Be sure to check out Hub and Friday again (and the next Friday and the next one), when you will have a new batch of specially arranged songs.

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