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This week we are launching our first Virtual Star Jam! Jam is an event where community stars from all over the world come together and work great with people on Spotify!

Spotfire and community stars from more than 14+ different countries come together and share their love for Spotify. From Brazil to Scotland to the United States, we have a lot of soil covered. In this blog, we’ll take a trip around the world to meet a few community stars and staff and get to know them a little better! 3

We hope you are sitting comfortably and enjoying good music while joining us on our trip. Here is a playlist that can help.

Let’s travel!


Sunset on the beach

We start our journey in the sun Seville, Spain! 3 Community and Twitter star Jose, who has been with the Star program for almost three years, is taking us to the beach. Be sure to pack a good pair of your swimsuit and sunglasses!

We took a long walk along the coast and, wow, we love it! He took a beautiful picture of the sunset for us and we feel all comforted and ready for the next day of our trip around the world.

BulgariaCanyon by a river about 100 kilometers northeast of SophiaCanyon by a river about 100 kilometers northeast of Sophia

Although we are still in Europe, we are moving forward Sophia, Bulgaria 3 With Emily from Spotify who was born and raised there! After graduation he lived in Germany for a few years but returned to Sofia. He has been with Spotify for about 7 years. Although she’s not helping the Spotify community, she loves to travel and travel!

He took us to this lovely lake: the Pancharevo Dam next to Sophia which is known for hosting many world championships, but also suitable for travel and / or rest. Don’t forget, Emil is a big music fan and likes to go to concerts and festivals.

Hiking path along the damHiking path next to the dam


After a long swim across the ocean, we met Noah Charlottetown, Prince Sun day in Charlottetown 7Sunbathe in Charlottetown 3Edward Island Inside Canada! 3 Noah has been with the community stars for over three and a half years!

PEI Cliffside BeachPEI Cliffside Beach

Charlottetown is a beautiful place to visit Basilica Cathedral in St. Dunstan, CharlottetownBasilica Cathedral in St. Dunstan, CharlottetownNoah tells us about the rich history of this place related to the Canadian Confederation and Noah. What she likes is hanging out with friends, whether it’s on the beach, in a restaurant or
The online classic PEI Cliffside beach is very close by and we couldn’t help ourselves to take a break there.


Crossing the border we reach here United States. 3 We have two stars shown to us in the United States for this trip.

First up: Texas! For the first time Community Star, Matt! Matt has been with the Spotify community for nine years now and loves movies, TV shows and of course music! Mats from Houston which is a very diverse city with lots of people and great dining experience. We definitely stopped for a nice classic dinner in Texas before leaving.

Then we drove to Salisbury Maryland. 3 Billy, who a Miami Beach (Photo by aurora.kreativ in Unsplash)Miami Beach (Photo by aurora.kreativ in Unsplash)For almost three years, Starr welcomed us and took us out for a healthy run in the area. One of his favorite things to do when he’s not logging into the Spotify community. We definitely got a good night’s sleep after seeing this beautiful area and getting tired from our car driving and running. The next day we took a short mini trip to Miami which Billy loves for the warm weather and all the fun activities that take place there!


Going south Brazil, We meet Rodrigo Belo Horizonte. 3 Rodrigo loves coffee and invites us to a freshly made batch that he fries himself! After tasting a nice coffee, we head to Transco. Crossing the country we couldn’t help ourselves as we walked our way through the beautiful forests of Brazil. Arriving in Transco, we found the most perfect place to rest.

On the way, we met Mateus in a nearby town Sao Paulo. 3 She is one of our new community stars! He took us to Gramado and it seems we have found a whole new world. A beautiful place known for film festivals. Mateus tells us that he loves to play football, video games and does a lot of work! And don’t forget, he loves to listen to music!


To spend our pleasant time on the other side of the sea, we are all ready to return to EuropeCyrusCyrus Our final destination: Greece. 3 Kate has actually turned quite a bit; Growing up in Greece, studying in France and now living in Bulgaria. Today she welcomes us to a beautiful island Cyrus (Greece). Once we saw it from the boat, we fell in love with the vibrant colors of the coast.

Kate started in the community as a community star in 2015 and a few years later she joined the Spotify community team! She is an avid reader and loves to write her journal. We want to read a story of her one day!


Many thanks to Billy, Kate, Matt, Matthews, Rodrigo, Jose, Noah and Emil for showing us around for this edition. We look forward to our next trip and see more people behind the Spotify community! Stay tuned to the community blog for the latest. 3

Want to join us on our adventures? Look at it.

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