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Whether you’re taking a selfie with a supporter on the street or yelling at an audience member from the stage, for fans, there’s nothing better than being recognized by their favorite artists.

Such recognition not only demonstrates the artist’s appreciation for the fans but it can also deepen their relationship with them. But not every meaningful interaction requires an IRL and an individual to be effective; Some tools available for Spotify for users of social media and artists Canvas – You can add short looping visuals to each of your tracks on Spotify – Artists and their teams can create meaningful connections with fans that both celebrate them and incorporate them into the artist’s story.

Teen Synth Pop Sensation Alfie Templeman And his team at Awal UK is well aware of the power of visual and fan interaction. This spring, Templeman released his single “Everyone will love someone“To the main fans for the next release of his mini album, Forever is not long enough.

As part of the solo campaign, Templeman and his Oval UK crew encouraged fans to submit their images via social media for inclusion in the six series.Where is Waldo ”/” Where is WaliStyle canvas for the track “Everybody Gone Love Somebody”. When the short looping visuals came to life on Spotify, they featured fan-submitted self-portraits with hidden images of Templeman and his co-stars in the “Everybody Counts Love Somebody” music video-the puppet couple, Brian and Suzy. Fans were encouraged to find themselves in all the drawings on the canvas, screenshots tagged it Templeman and shared the image on social media.

Spotify for Artists speaks to Alfie Templeman; Tom Pridex, Awal’s project manager; And Jane Ewbank, AWAL’s Senior Director of International Marketing, to learn more about this clever promotion and engagement strategy.

Alfie Templeman & quot;  Everyone will love someone & quot;  Canvas collage

Alfie Templeman’s “Everyone Counts Love Somebody” canvas collage

Spotify for artists: “Everyone has to love someone?” Whose idea is it?

Tom Pridex: Later Video The director, Tommy Davis, gave the video concept for the song, we immediately fell in love with the doll. They matched Alfie’s fun and energetic personality and we knew we wanted to integrate them into a wider campaign. In the video we see Brian trying to find his love interest, Suzy, and so the canvas concept was born out of trying to continue that narrative. Originally, it was going to hide Brian and Suzy in an existing “Harry Wally” (or “Where’s Waldo”) image but it threw up a lot of potential copyright challenges so we had to create our own environment. To make it even more exciting and appealing for fans we decided to ask Brian, Suzy and Alfie to submit their own drawings for the opportunity to be included on these canvases. It was a team effort between Alfie, Jane Ebank [Senior Director of International Marketing, AWAL], And myself.

Alfie, what role did you play in bringing this idea to life? Talk about how it reflects your music.

Alfie Templeman: Well, I’m always in touch with the fans and wondering how we can play a game with them. We just made a music video where my doll friend Brian and I went to find his lost doll girlfriend Suzy. Then it hits me, let’s make a canvas where Suzy is … and Brian … and Alfie! Oh, and let’s make it so that every other person is a fan who can submit their own drawings on canvas!

TP: I think Alfie’s music is incredibly fun and it’s brilliant because he’s able to be a serious musician without the need for a serious attitude. It’s a fun idea that lets her fans feel close to each other as well.

Are you “Where’s Wally?” When were you Did you know that it is “Where is Waldo” in the state?

AT: Yes, where I grew up! I read them as Lil Munchkin in lower school – or you say, elementary school.

Talk about the timeline of this campaign. When was the first call to the fans? How long did it take to compile the images? How long did it take to make the canvas? Who designed and animated it?

TP: The stage that actually took the most time was realizing that we were going the wrong way by trying to create a similar version of the ‘Hoars Wally’ environment. As soon as we landed on this one fan-led creation it all came together incredibly fast. At Holy Glenville [marketing agency] Blackstar helped create the initial form that required fans to submit their drawings within a day, ensuring that we have the right to include drawings on the canvas. We posted the form on Monday evening and we had over 250 submissions by Tuesday afternoon! We closed the form by Wednesday with over 350 submissions. I compiled all the images and cut 300 of them in 48 hours. We worked with Matt Pilcher and F-That [creative agency] Help those who style both bright and fast and deliver the final animated canvas in a few days.

What does this kind of canvas do for the relationship between the artist and the fan?

TP: We know that Alfie fans are heavy Spotify users and we are confident that they will explore many features including Canvas. We “If I’m a fan, that’s what I want [to see]? And being able to see your own drawing of your own face in a new Alfie Templeman single, could that be great? While we encouraged fans to share screen grabs and tag Alfie when they found themselves, I think there was a lot of organic sharing as well. Fans were thrilled to be included in one of their favorite artist’s songs Spotify and learned that more than a million unique people are listening to Alfie’s songs and possibly a respectable badge to see the canvas every month.

What was the opinion of the fans?

AT: Fans love it! They not only try to find the three characters but also enjoy themselves. I think they like to be a visual part of a song that gets good drama every day. Other people may acknowledge the drawings they make.

Jane Ebank: We’ve tried to engage all Alfie’s fans as much as possible, by doing call-to-action to submit total drawings in multiple languages ​​across his community. As a result, fans around the world have felt the need, and we’ve seen a wide spread of deposits from Latin American countries, including about 50%!

How did you go about choosing the pictures you cut? How many pictures of fans made the final canvas?

TP: In the submission form we asked fans to let us know where they are drawing from so that A) we can identify where Alfi’s super engaged fans are and B) so that we can represent Alfi’s global fans when deciding which picture to draw. We made sure all the parts of the world where we were deposited were represented! We have tried not to discriminate based on the quality of the drawing so that it does not feel like a special club. Overall, 300 fans turned it into a canvas!

What have you and the team learned from this campaign?

TP: A major result of running this campaign was the discovery that Alfie was able to create many fans. We haven’t activated them like this before but it has certainly opened the door for more co-creation and collaboration in the future!

IS: It was a great test for us as to which of Alfie’s fans was the busiest from a terrain perspective. We assumed that many of his UK fans would take part, but we were surprised by the fantastic response from fans in Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries. It has also helped us identify areas where more work is needed to move fans forward.

Finally, how are Brian and Suzy doing?

AT: I think so [they’re] I’ve been doing pretty well since I last talked to them. Ever since the pubs opened here, Brian G and T seem to be going a bit crazy which Suzy isn’t very happy about …

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