Community Chart # 1: 90s hits

Several times a month, the Spotify community gathers Chat Vote on their favorite themed tracks.

The community moderator team selects 5 tracks that users can vote on. Users can also give their own suggestions that fit the theme.

Our first edition theme was: Hit of the nineties!

Votes are here now – here are the best tracks by community decision:

D (5 votes)

Et Peter: “The first time I heard Teardrop was in a yoga class in 2014 …

2 = (4 votes)

2 = (4 votes)

2 = (4 votes)

5 = (3 votes) – Proposed by Stopping Lama

5 = (3 votes) – Recommended by dinomight

@DynMite: “Funny, I grew up in the 90’s but haven’t heard much music since then for the last 10-15 years. One of my favorite bands of this era (BTW is still making great music today).”

We created a playlist with all the tracks mentioned in the main thread, one of which dropped out of the top 5. Check it out:

Our 2nd edition is thematic … Summer back! Go here and vote!

How to get involved:

  • Vote for your favorite tracks or make your own suggestions for the latest themed charts
  • Create a playlist image for the previous version – et contact Peter
  • Suggest a theme for future versions of the community chart in the comments below

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