Disneyland Paris pays tribute to Disney heroes in the sleek Disney photo shoot

As part of the final Princess World Celebration, last month’s inaugural week illuminated courage and kindness through an extravagance of a week full of events, experiences, products and more. To join in the fun, Disneyland Paris collaborated with influencers from across the region to embody the confidence and courage of Disney princesses and “Frozen” queens and create a photo shoot that would capture the essence of each hero across the edge of Disney.

For those unfamiliar, the Disney demarcation pays homage to our favorite characters through a lens of interpretive fashion, recreating iconic looks rather than modernizing who the character is or how they look.

Photographed: The girl with spots (left handed); Cherry Calixte (right)

Disneyland Paris incorporated the mystique of a “flying costume” to produce Disney’s magical moment. Each participant was asked to choose the Disney princess or “Frozen” queen they most identified with, in terms of qualities and values, and the Disneyland Paris team worked to create a scene and look that better exemplify the vision.

Photographed: Laila Mourad (left handed); Michael Augusto (right)

All the women and men included in this photo shoot express admirable strength and courage through their own platforms, whether not to be defined by a disability, overcome personal obstacles, express self-love and body confidence, or be an ambassador of positivity.

Photographed: Amput Girl (left handed); This is Venice (right)

Photographed: The other art of living (left handed); Joy Paris (right)

Photographed: The Ginger Chloé (right); ElsaMakeUp (right)

Timeless characters demonstrate the many and varied ways to be a Disney princess and this photo shoot shows how people from all backgrounds can experience the magic of these characters.

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