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Five years ago, Spotify launched Fresh Finds Playlist DIY shows incredible potential to highlight independent artists who are doing influential work and building their careers. At the time, discovery-driven playlists helped catapult artists such as Claro, Pink Sweat $, 100 Jacques, and Omar Apollo, which they could improve on today’s strengths while establishing themselves as one of the main discovery destinations for cutting edge fans. What’s next in music.

Now, in 2021, Fresh Finds Vision and the ecosystem have expanded to include nine genre-specific playlists, including the latest hip-hop terms experimentally and 13 regional versions worldwide. Brazil, Korea, And Turkey.

Not only showcasing indie artists with playlists but also supporting them through education, marketing and spotting for art, tools, spotty Fresh find extended last month To include a new independent artist program, the four incoming artists have the opportunity to learn and create within the tools and resources provided by Spotify. Artists for a period of six to eight weeks Ecstasy, Unusual dement, Wallis, And Julia Wolf One after another mentorship, personalized masterclass on Spotify for artists like Canvas and Marquee, marketing support across social, outdoor and platform promotions, and collaboration with lyricists and producers through Spotify’s lyricist and publishing team. At the end of the program, the work of these four artists, lyricists and producers ended with the release of four new Spotify singles.

Today, with their Spotify singles release we bring their conversations with Wallis, Unusual Demont, Ecstasy and Julia Wolf to shed light on their creative philosophy, processes and find out what they have learned about their music marketing and growth from Spotify for Artist Tools With the help of their fan base.

Unusual dement

What exactly inspired your Spotify single, “Hey? Listening to the lyrics of the song, it seems that you are getting a lot of requests for collabs, right?

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. There were many people who arrived later [my breakout single] “AmberTo me “Oh dude, I like your style! Let’s get to work!” But it seems like I had a song at the time, how do you know my style? The time has come when it’s real – but not often, it’s very clear that they’ve seen the numbers and decided to reach out instead of actually enjoying the music. But ‘Hey!’ In general I am just talking about all my fears and frustrations that I felt while writing this. In America, from being black to inconsistent, many artists face monetization of the form of their expression. I really wanted to wind it all up. But one thing that made me base on everything was that I was making my family proud, thus, “At least the family is still fine …”

How important is storytelling and perspective in your music? Why is that?

I’m still working on telling the story, trying to reach a stage in Frank [Ocean] Channel Orange or [Childish] Gambino because the internet – but I’ve got the perspective to be an amazing tool. If the story is not interesting to the listener … it may be interesting to you. Writing a song from a perspective that is not your own is a really good way to find new emotions. Say a relationship is over, and you were the one with whom you broke up – annoying. However, if you write from the perspective of the person who broke up with you, you need to find a way to be almost introspective, to see what you did wrong (if anything, sometimes people just suck).

Spotify Single: Unusual Demon’s “Hey” produced by The Idiot

What is the most valuable thing you have learned from the Spotify Masterclass and the whole experience in general?

You shouldn’t be on the playlist when creating your goals and setting up your industry. Your goal should be to make good music before anything else.

What does it mean to be part of the Fresh Finds program?

Sick to know that the songs I did in the basement were good enough to reach this level. It’s very valid for all the years of silent grinding, telling yourself that it will all be worth it.

What advice would you give to other emerging artists?

Your goal should be to make good music better than anything else. As easy as it is to create a song that the playlist can be good, or go with what people have at the time, this way you don’t create a song that stands the test of time. Don’t be afraid to do weird things in your music, even if you feel something that only you will get. Because what it takes for another person to get it and boom, you are golden. Also, don’t be afraid to be alone for a while and really master yourself as an artist. It’s good to be able to go on track with an artist bigger than you because you can gain exposure and improve quickly – but collaboration should be mutually beneficial. Before trying to put the two pieces together make sure you don’t know yourself and your words.

Julia Wolf

RBF: Episode 1“It simply came to our notice then The work of this artist About harassment on the street, and you have a line in Italian that translates “Don’t tell me to laugh any more.” Tell us about your intentions in writing this song and its message.

So I’ve been told I can have a “rest dog face” that I used to take personally but now I know it’s not a negative thing. I’ve learned over the years how being very nice can translate to your beneficiaries and especially as I grew up I was overreacting to that behavior. But at that moment, being sure of yourself and finding the ability to say no to yourself, or doing what is best for you can also label you as a “bitch”. So I see how it is if someone uses this word to bring down a girl, it is a helpful red flag for their personality. In a crooked way it seems like a compliment that I’m doing something right. I just wanted to highlight the empowerment aspect that exists in all of this.

How important are visuals to you? What do you think Canvas As a tool of visual expression? How do you want to push the boundaries of what is possible with the help of canvas?

Just as important as visual music. They bring to life the world I want to create and share with people, so I am adamant about creating these myself. It is a reflection of who I am and a concrete way for people to better understand the message. So naturally, I’m obsessed with canvas. I like that you can change it whenever you want, you are not bound by anything. I created canvases from homemade DIY videos, photo collections and animated artwork. There is no limit to creativity. I could see people pushing the border and instructing people to check out a new weekly canvas, or adding fans with a deposit for me!

Spotify Singles: Julia Wolf’s “RBF: Part 1” produced by Jackson Foote

You are an artist but what has this experience taught you about marketing your music and reaching more audiences?

We’ve always seen the “marketing” approach to publishing music as a creative outlet, and this experience has solidified that belief for me. It’s not so much a matter of thinking this will or will do that it will get more people to listen to my songs – but more artistic or creative ways to get my point of view and message to the world. And hopefully by focusing on that, the industry continues to resonate with people and grow and spread biologically.

Describe your Spotify single creation experience. What was it like? Was it completely different from your normal creative process?

It was interesting because I got the urge to write about “resting dog face” for a while. I probably finished a song a year ago with this title, but it never seemed right to me so I couldn’t exclude myself. Jackson Foote, who knew the song, insisted we would try to revive it because he thought there was something special about it. So for the first time, I went back and re-edited, and now very happy with the turn! We decided to take a sample as the key word for the hook, which is new to me and really focused on grooving out more of those hip-hop effects.

What does it mean to be part of the Fresh Finds program?

There are no words to describe how overwhelmed I was when I first got the phone call. It means everything to an independent artist for their music and the message they want to share. I am grateful for working with Spotify, and more so that they only believe in my time.


You are a lyricist whose songs are always meaningful and colorful. Tell us about yourself “Nothing scares me“And the inspiration behind its song.

To me lyrics are the most important part of a song. For this song I started with the thought of a kind of numbness in daily life and instead of living in the moment to see what is always happening and what is tomorrow. “Nothing scares me” is a version of going to extremes to be over-aware of it and try to feel something.

For your Spotify single, you have frequently worked with collaborators and friends marinelli (as well as Ariel Rechtshaid). Describe the chemistry you have as a collaborator and how the songs come together when you work together?

I have known Marinelli for more than half of my life and she is one of my best friends, so we always work really well together and have very similar perspectives and tastes in music and are not really afraid to say what we feel. It was nice to add Ariel to the mix to introduce another perspective and style to what we’ve been doing for years.

Spotify single: Wallis’s “Nothing Scares Me”, produced by Marinelli and Ariel Rekhtshaid

Tell us about your career goals, what does success mean for you in the long run?

I think success has been building an optimistic lifelong fan base from the beginning and has been growing steadily ever since. Instead of having a viral song on social media or the top song on a playlist for a week, the goal should be for fans to get back to the new release and get excited for the next thing. I hope to grow as an artist, collaborate with many more people who inspire and influence my music, and create my favorite music.

What does it mean to be part of the Fresh Finds program?

I am very honored! This program is very exciting for future indie artists. When I first started releasing music I didn’t know anything about business and all the politics that go with “making it” so having a well-known and global brand of Spotify would be a game changer in the art of these little artists.


Your music is not easily categorized but its feeling is undeniable. How important (or unimportant!) Can you speak for yourself? How would you describe your music to people?

I think every artist now needs their own specific genre. I never try to explain my music to anyone, I let those who listen to me do it.

How was your experience creating the Spotify unit? “f * ck Everything!“Like? How was it different from your normal creative process?”

I usually hate collaboration, I like to do everything alone. I didn’t like the song at first but as me and Johnny [Pierce of The Drums] Having worked more and more, I realized that good songs sometimes take time to make.

Spotify single: “f * ck everything!” EKKSTACY (achievement. Drums), produced by Johnny Pierce of The Drums

What does it mean to be part of the Fresh Finds program?

It’s nice, I’m grateful, and I won’t forget it.

What advice would you give to other emerging artists?

Get a billboard with your face in Times Square and everyone will love you.

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