How do haunted houses compare to Universal and SeaWorld’s Halloween events?

Ghosts and ghosts have gathered around Florida theme parks since Halloween has officially arrived. And, it wouldn’t be a spooky season without a few parties, right now?

Halloween Horror Nights 30

And now there are TWO major Florida theme parks that have unveiled their seasonal events, with haunted houses. So the question is: how is it done Howl-O-Scream by SeaWorld Orlando i Halloween Horror Nights by Universal Orlando compare with each other …ONLY based on their homes this year? Well we find out!

Howl-O-Scream by SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld has been taken over by mermaids during Halloween this year, so you’ll want to take care of your call when you head to Howl-O-Scream! The theme of the mermaid had a general impact on the prominent houses of SeaWorld, as it was all related to marine life, pirates, beach towns and the like. This year there were only four houses at the event, but they occupied about half of the park.


The stretch of decent-sized houses from the back of the Wild Arctic to the Mako Shark Tunnel made it a lot of fun, as guests would have to walk through scary areas to reach their destinations. There were jumping steps in the prominent houses, as the scared actors were placed in some hiding places to go out sometimes.

The captain’s revenge

While SeaWorld definitely took the time to build their event and did very well during their freshman year, haunted houses could definitely use some work. In fact, it was very hard for us to see it in the houses, so we found ourselves tripping over things or trying to dodge bumping into items. While SeaWorld could adapt this issue throughout its event, modifying this issue would be the biggest change that would benefit Howl-O-Scream homes.

Sea of ​​Souls scare area

While the scares were definitely there, they were a bit predictable. The houses were not as complicated or elaborate as others we have been before. The stories, costumes, and sets weren’t as complicated as those of Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights.

Waters Edge Inn

Halloween Horror Nights by Universal Orlando

It’s a little hard to compare SeaWorld and Universal events, considering that Halloween horror nights celebrates 30 years of fears. And, we have to say that this year’s 10 expansive houses were bigger and better than we imagined! All of Universal Studios Florida was dedicated to the event, which meant there was one a lot few places to hide from scares.

Halloween horror nights

Although there were some houses dedicated to intellectual property like The Haunting of Hill House i Texas Chainsaw Massacre, most of this year’s locations had original stories and icons. And, as for Universal, these original narratives are hard to beat by competitors, from the intense setup to the amazing scary actors that fully immerse you in every home. We could go on forever as the details are devoted to all parts of Halloween Horror Nights, which is why he has become a world-renowned person.

Puppet show, anyone?

Still, it wouldn’t be a night of terror without the extra blood and blood that Halloween Horror Nights incorporated for its 30th anniversary. Universal made his event so terrifying because it added a layer of realism to situations that might normally look like nightmares. Houses were also used many hidden details of past events, attractions and more. So you can go through it several times and spot something new as long as you DON’T be scared of socks.

The fearsome director

Still, Halloween Horror Nights even had some of its own downfalls. It really could be too intense and terrifying for some people, something many guests may not consider. Universal has also referred to the fact that there may be certain health and safety issues during the event. So if you’re having trouble with darkness, claustrophobia, strobe lights, fog, loud noises, or gore, you’ll want to leave Halloween horror nights this year.

Let’s party!

So in which case should you go on Halloween? Well, that depends on the type of enchanted home you are looking for.

Poison Grotto

If you’re traveling with younger kids or generally don’t like being scared, then Howl-O-Scream may be your way. There are some jumping steps here and there, but the houses and scare areas aren’t mostly scary. In addition, SeaWorld also offers the option to purchase a boo-free necklace. Which one guests can bring as a sign that fear actors are not committing to them. Howl-O-Scream is definitely a great start-up event for those who aren’t sure if they like haunted houses or don’t know how much party members can endure when it comes to scares.


Universal alloween horror nights have definitely aged when it comes to their crowds. Universal advises anyone under the age of 13 to visit the event, if that says anything. Halloween Horror Nights does not skimp on terror, making every year scarier and houses happier. So, if you want to experience homes that are both extremely well made and absolutely terrifying, the Universal event would be the best choice.

Uh oh!

Whatever choice you make based on the needs of your party, get ready to have fun this Halloween at the amusement parks. And, as more Halloween events happen soon, we’ll be sure to give you a first look at everything you need to know before you leave. Stay tuned to All Ears for the latest Disney news and entertainment.

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Outreach: Both SeaWorld and Universal invited us to attend previews of their new Halloween events. This did not affect our news of the event: our opinions are ours

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