Is this 4-hour dining experience near Disney World worth the BIG price?

Disclosure: Waldorf Astoria invited us to attend a preview of the Bonnet Creek Epicurious. This did not affect our news of the event: our opinions are ours.

Is anyone else ready to go to a dinner near Disney World? You don’t even have to walk into the property’s parks and resorts to enjoy them Bonnet Creek by Waldorf Astoria Great experience!


The dining event includes dishes from restaurants at Waldorf Astoria Orlando and Signia by Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek, as a culinary guide takes them to various places of the stations to try them! Ready to go with us? Well, let’s dive in!

The Bonnet Creek dining experience lasts a long time four hours, from 17:30 and 18:30. The event costs $ 235 per person (which does NOT include taxes and free) while running Fridays and Saturdays from From September 24 to November 20. Of course, we thought we’d give you a look at some of the food and drinks before you leave.

The light

During our first stop of the night, we decided to toast the Waldorf Astoria with bubbles.

The light

Available on the outskirts of La Luce, the Villa Sandi Prosecco Rosat it was a light sip with slightly sweet notes.

Villa Sandi Prosecco Rosat

Then we moved inside where we tried the Movia Pinot Grigio de Solvenia. It tasted more oaky and very mild on the palate. Although it was a little heavier than the other drink, the Pinot Grigio was a GREAT pairing with the food we also had at La Luce.

Movia Pinot Grigio de Solvenia

Speaking of dishes, we had two to pair with our drinks at La Luce. He Figs wrapped in spots they were made with gorgonzola, arugula, aged balsamic and crostini which had a subtle flavor of sea salt to add to the flavor. The figs were cooked wonderfully, making them easy to cut.

Figs wrapped in spots

Luce had it too Green dumplings which was made with ricotti, spinach, wild mushrooms and truffle oil and had a fluffy texture and complementary flavors.

Green dumplings

We must also give a special shout to the homemade balsamic dressing that was perfect for dipping our bread.

Zeta Asia

We continued the experience making our way to Zeta Asia.

Zeta Asia

This location offers a variety of Asian dishes that made us really want to just look at them. We delivered to the Bao Bun steamed made with Peking duck and plum sauce that made the flavors richer …

Bao Bun steamed

… as well as the Roll Roll Plate with three rolls made with crispy soft-shelled crab, avocado, cucumber and masago.

Spider rolls

Vibe Kitchen Food Truck

Our next stop was a little different from the first two … it was a food truck!

Kitchen Vibe

If you are looking for more snack – like options, the Vibe Kitchen Food Truck has some great options! We drank the candy Bonnet Creek Vacay IPA

Bonnet Creek Vacay IPA

… before diving into a stacked plate Anticucho I gave Chicken, Crab Cause, and Choclo with Cheese. Truck meals proved to be excellent once again, as the Anticucho di Pollo had amazing grilled chicken legs, seasoned and grilled, with potatoes and cream.

Anticucho I gave Chicken, Crab Cause, and Choclo with Cheese

But the Crab Cause was based on our love for potatoes, as the dish had soft, pressed potatoes, poached eggs, colossal crab, green sauce and micro cilantro.

Eat Mexico

And last but not least. Choclo with Cheese combined Peruvian corn, fresh cheese, ocopa sauce, Peruvian peppers and marble potatoes with a slightly spicy and very cheesy dish. However, you will want to grab all three to share with your friends and family as it is a LOT of food.

Welcome to Bonnet Creek Epicurious!

Mixology of Sir Harry’s Peacock Alley

We then stopped to grab something at Sir Harry’s Peacock Alley Mixology.

Sir Harry’s

At this stop, guests can choose from one in three drinks made with vodka, gin or bourbon.

Bubble, anyone?

The gin drink that was created for us was mixed with Barhill Gin, Violette Liqueur, lemon, plain syrup and mint.

Gin Sip

Not only was it tasty, but it also had a beautiful color that WE CAME to share to share with you.


Bull & Bear

We finished our gastronomic visit at Bull & Bear restaurant!

Bull & Bear

The items here were a little more sophisticated with one Short Rib Wellington as our entrant. The meat itself was tender and tasty, especially paired with Perigueux sauce.

Short Rib Wellington

Along with the fluffy cookie, local chard, toasted onions and morel only improved the dish. We just wish there had been more vegetables to enjoy with each bite of short ribs.

Short Rib Wellington

To end our experience at Bonnet Creek Epicurious with a sweet note, we were very excited to try the Lychee foam the menu! The dessert was made with raspberry saber, raspberry jam and fresh raspberries with a berry marshmallow and a raspberry and rose-flavored sorbet as a final finish.

Lychee foam

The attention to detail of this delicacy was amazing, as each raspberry was even stuffed by hand with mousse. We will basically be daydreaming all weekend!

Beautiful And Delicious!

Also, we were given a bag of chocolates to take home.

After exploring Disney World, the Bonnet Creek Epicurious is a fun way to take a break in the parks and try a multitude of dishes and drinks. However, the experience is very expensive, so keep this in mind before booking. Get lots of food and drink and the experts will guide you through the 4 hour experience, so we think it’s a fun and unique thing to do. And you can stay tuned to All Ears for the latest news on dining and Disney soon.

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