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And so for the last episode of Season 1 Best advice! For those of you who were with all of this, thank you for listening, and for those of you who are new to this series, well, you have 10 eps to dig. From everyone Ashnikko Gigi’s speaking boundaries; Joey Bada 6 Offers his thoughts on strength and abundance, and Hailey Kyoko On the strengths of mental clarity and weakness. My conversation with The Smashing Pumpkins Billy Cargan Proved to be the most popular in the series because his experience spans decades and he was really humble to say brass tax on business, creativity, and what it takes to succeed in an arena that is full of artists. I heard. More than that, Billy was thrilled to help the musicians share his knowledge with the next general and this week’s guest, Laura Jane Grace, Came with the same open and thoughtful energy.

Best known as the front lady for the best angry, most scream-able Florida punk band Against me!, He also holds the record Laura Jane Grace and devouring mothers, And most recently, in the fall of 2020, he released a solo soundtrack album Stay alive.

Laura came to the forefront of the world as her trans in 2012 and she was released in 2016, Tranny: Confession of Punk Rock’s most infamous anarchist sale, He wrote with journalist Dan Ozzy a remarkably honest memory that pulls from Laura’s stack and pile of diaries. It was with my former colleague and friend Dan when I first met Laura in 2014: we pictured her performing a few acoustic songs at the Brooklyn Tattoo Shop and then got another tattoo to add to her extensive collection.

Laura is a straight-forward villain একজন a parent, a poet, an upstart, anyone who calls it a hundred percent. And he has a lot of advice, some great advice from the two-story builder and Garbage Lynch-pin butch wigs have a certain kind of enjoyment on the merits, for example, but for the most part it has some great advice of its own, about work ethic, and about success and sustainability, the real applicable meaning of DIY. And then there’s all the advice about business and travel nuts and bolts. Tour tips about Wazu! Which, hopefully, will soon be highly effective, as the world unfolds.

Listen below and see some quick tips for LGG below.

Highlights from Laura Jane Grace’s Best Advice episode

Success is sustainability

I wasn’t the first week sales artist. I’ve talked to any label, I like, we’ll be selling X amount records a year because we’ll continue touring, but that’s not about that first week. I’m talking about a long war. If my goal is to live the life of an artist, I just always want to be able to record next. I always want to be able to go on the next tour. I want it all to grow, I want more people to listen, and more people to come to the show, but I want to be able to do what I want to do because I love doing it.

Laughter on stage

I understand that it may seem decent, but from a scientific point of view it is really good advice. Neuron mirrors and if you’re on stage and you’re smiling other people are going to laugh and they’re going to enjoy themselves. This is the easiest thing you can do as an artist on stage that will get the audience by your side.

Be strategic with your tour market

It is important to bring your own racks on the tour. Take some wire rack from [insert hardware store] And you pin your shirt there. You don’t want to tape the shirt to the wall. It is also worth investing in plastic boxes to carry luggage, cardboard boxes are going to be destroyed. I would also recommend against cardstock white vinyl. Having a book that goes all the way to the bay and trailer as a white product gets trashed. Do not print white products!

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