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It is impossible to surpass the impact of the Kovid-1 pandemic epidemic on the world and especially the live music industry. For artists, no event and no trip in person means on-the-spot march purchases and no opportunity for IRL interaction with fans.

Last year, we provided assistance in size Kovid-1 Music Music Relief Project, Which matched a public grant to a verified music relief agency for a total Spotify contribution of 10 million; Artist fundraising, Which allows artists to highlight fundraising destinations like Cash App, GoFundMe, and on their profile pages; 500,000 donation to the National Independent Venue Association Save our stages Campaigns to help keep shuttered venues afloat; And better support for fans Virtual event List of artist profiles and concert hubs.

Now, with increasing vaccination rates, social distance, and other Covid-era warnings such as quick tests and masks, things are slowly returning to the United States and shows are starting to book again. But human safety and well-being are still paramount; These are uncertain times, and we realize that not all artists are ready to schedule shows or hit the streets again. Since some artists choose to return to the stage, we want to encourage their fans to promote their shows, learn from art leaders, plan their tours, and encourage safe concerts while navigating the journey back to survival.

Here’s a look at some of the first resources, initiatives, and tools to get back to live – with more to come in the coming months:

Fans first

Fans First is an email marketing program that enables artists to sell unique or exclusive offers – such as Concert Presale, March and more – to their biggest fans on Spotify. Since the program began in 2017, Fans First has driven artists to ট 200 million for ticket and merchant sales. Although we took a break from the Fans First Live Presale campaign in March 2020, we brought it back last month and are investing in expanding the program to support more artists, now planning to run a 35% more concert ticket pre-sale campaign than the same period in 2019. .

Concert hub

Concerts Hub is an in-app destination for personalized concert listings of artists of their choice based on listening history and location. We want to make these shows easier on Spotify users’ platforms, so we’re testing concerts on “Home” as a way to raise awareness about the show. We’re using in-app messaging to drive millions of users to concerts hubs to provide additional visibility for live shows.

Promo card

You can already use these custom resources to draw attention to your new tracks and Spotify milestones on social media, and now you can use them to plug in your travel dates and locations. Just search for our artist name Promo card site, Select “Live Show” focus, download and share your live promo card in your social media store. Be sure to fill in the city and date for your show when creating the story and include the ticket link.

Covid-1V vaccine awareness program

Health and safety are major concerns due to the return of live shows, and there is no greater tool to ensure the safety of actors and fans than vaccinations. Unfortunately, the hesitation of the vaccine is an obstacle in this case. With the help and expertise of our nonprofit and government partners worldwide, from billboards to PSAs to in-app notifications, we will provide accurate information to the public and empower trusted voices of the artist community to share credible information with their fans.

Co.Lab Event Series, Videos and Podcasts

The Spotify for Artists’s Co.Lab series was created to allow artists to network with their peers, receive advice, and facilitate their career workshops in business. We are planning a special Back to Live series this summer, where we will feature experienced touring artists and industry experts as they share insights on returning to live shows and adapting to last year’s changes. Check Here For updates and timing during registration. We will share more expert advice and perspectives from industry insiders and artists on our blogs and social media channels.


While all of this work is ongoing, there are also powerful ways to use existing tools as part of your touring strategy. Here are some ways you can use Spotify for artists to get back here:

  • First things first: if you’re new to listing shows on Spotify or have questions about how to do it, check us out FAQ page. When you list your upcoming shows, they will automatically appear in the “On Tour” section of your artist profile.

  • Your profile is prime real estate for promotion, and yours Artist selection Gives your audience the ability to grab their attention when they visit. Use it to list your upcoming shows, tease a setlist with an image, or feature a custom playlist that provides a preview of what fans will hear on the go.

  • Seeing is believing, and giving fans a taste of what they can expect on your show is a great way to promote. You can use Canvas Encourage fans to share the special tour moments you captured and share them directly from Spotify to the Instagram Store. For example, singer-songwriter Jeremy Zacker filmed fans in every city on his last European tour and included the footage on his canvas দেখুন see our case study Features page.

  • Planning a tour is a science in itself, and like any other science, the more data you have, the better you can strategize. Use your Spotify for top cities of artists Streaming data To help you figure out where to travel, help setlist using song level statistics and much more.

  • Using our recent insights Fan study And with your Spotify for Artists data, you can make smart decisions about what kind of goods to bring based on the tour. Section And Cities Where those things will sell the most.

  • When you’re actually on the street, selling merchants and pledging, use Spotify code To bring concertgoers back to your artist profile.

Are you getting ready to go back to live? Share your journey with us Twitter ot Spotfireist and Instagram ot Spotiforfertist.

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