The best and worst Disney World hotel restaurants according to our readers

There are a lot of restaurants around Walt Disney World, so it can be hard to know which ones customers really enjoy and which they would not recommend.

So many options!

But this is where ours AllEarsReader reviews can come to the rescue! Many of our fantastic readers have left reviews about Disney World restaurants, sharing their opinion on the best dishes, their experiences, and what they loved (and hated).

Today we take a look at the reviews of AllEars readers to see which Disney World Resort hotel restaurants rank among the best and which ones think our readers are the worst.

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For the purposes of today’s reviews, we have examined reviews of AllEars on restaurants in all Disney World Resort hotels and their surrounding areas.

We also set a standard that each restaurant had to have more than five comments to enter this list (either for better or for worse). Some restaurants may have higher or lower overall scores than those listed here, but because at the time we reviewed them, they had less than five reviews, we keep them off the list for now. But you can look at each restaurant and see for yourself what AllEars readers have to say.

Can you see Mickey Hidden in the flowers?

All right, let’s dive in!

The BEST restaurants in the Disney World Resort hotel

Victoria & Alberts: Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

Maybe it’s not a surprise Victoria and Albert ranks highest in Disney World’s best hotel restaurants. Overall, the restaurant had 16 reviews from AllEars and a rating of 9.69 / 10. It is recommended by 88% of reviewers.

Victoria & Albert’s at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

It is known as Victoria & Albert’s The most important gastronomic experience all over Disney World. It’s an incredibly stylish restaurant (here’s a dress code you’ll want to keep in mind) that has won the AAA-Five Diamond Award since 2000. You can opt for one of a variety of dining experiences, including expensive but elaborate ones. Chef’s table experience. The restaurant serves unique ingredients from around the world and special items such as Spanish octopus with Iberian ham and sherry vinaigrette.

A meal here consists of seven or more dishes, so get ready to try quite a few different things. Between caviar, elegance and wine pairing, you will forget that you are even close to a theme park. This is truly a luxury experience.

Grand Floridian lobby

AllEars reviewers pointed this out while the cost can be a challenge, the food and service are excellent. One pointed out that it was the “the best date night for cooking lovers“And another said that” the food was as exquisite as it was innovative. “Several shared how it is something you should totally do at least once in your life, and we usually agree. While it’s VERY expensive (and you’ll probably have to save it specifically), it’s one of those lifelong Disney depository list experiences.

Olivia’s Cafe Breakfast: Disney’s Old Key West Resort

Next on the list is Olivia’s Cafe, specifically their breakfast offers. Olivia’s breakfast has an overall score of 9.48 / 10 with 21 reviews, and is recommended by 100% of reviewers.

Several reviewers specifically mentioned how good it is Banana toast is! Others said everything they’ve had has been delicious. Another shared breakfast at Olivia is one obligation for them at least once during their stays in Old Key West due to the atmosphere, the food and the service. And some pointed out that the articles are too at a reasonable price.

Olivia’s Cafe at Old Key West Resort

Several critics even called this restaurant “hidden gem“And I said one “If you haven’t tried Olivia’s, please do. It will not disappoint you. “ This is a great compliment!

Olivia’s Cafe is often overlooked as it is located in Old Key West, but it has some great deals that really seemed to delight our AllEars reviewers, so if it’s something you’ve never tried, it’s possible if you want to check it out go out on your next trip!

Kona Cafe Breakfast: Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

And we end our best list with Kona Cafe in Polynesia, specifically for breakfast (again)! Looks like our AllEars reviewers love breakfast. For breakfast, Kona has one 9.20 / 10 with 46 reviews and is recommended by 96% of users.

Kona Cafe South Toast
Kona Café Tonga Toast with sausages and strawberry compote

There are no surprises here, but several of the reviews mention that this place is famous Toast from Tonga and the special compote served here (remember you can take Tonga Toast to Captain Cook as well, but you won’t have the strawberry compote). Another said it’s “MUST” every time they come to Disney World. Other reviewers mentioned the Macadamia Nut Panels which are another fan favorite. And several said how good the coffee is here. Kona has some special coffee offerings, such as a Hawaiian Kona Maragogype Press Pot.

Kona Cafe

If you are looking for some of these special breakfasts, Kona may be a place you should visit during your next trip.

In general, the best Disney World hotel restaurants (except Victoria & Albert) were specific to everyone breakfasts, which is interesting to note. During your trip, breakfast may be the last thing you want to spend time on, especially if you’re trying to let go of the ropes parks and get in very early.

Olivia’s Cafe

But given that these places have some of the highest reviews of all the restaurants at the Disney World hotel, it may be worth taking a moment during your next trip to have a spectacular breakfast.

Honorable mention

We have to make an honorable mention here Topolino’s Terrace – Flavors of the Riviera at Disney’s Riviera Resort. Their character breakfast has a total 10/10 and is 100% recommended. The dinner only had a good handful of reviews, but has an overall rating of 9/10 and is recommended by 100% of reviewers.

By a joint average, this would give a place to this one 9.5 extremely high rating. Therefore, although neither meal had enough reviews to include it on our list, it is worth noting the restaurant’s praise from reviewers.

Mickey Waffles on the terrace of Mickey Mouse

Those from Topolino can be expensive, but many find the quality and selection to be fantastic. And it is in a beautiful place with a magnificent view of Disney World.

The worst restaurants in the Disney World hotel

All right, so we’ve reviewed the best hotel restaurants, and the worst?

End Zone Food Court: Disney’s star sports complex

With a low overall rating compared to other hotel restaurants, the Meal track of the final area at Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort is one of the restaurants with the highest score according to our readers. The dining area has a rating of 6.17 / 10 with 12 reviews and recommended by 75% of reviewers.

One reviewer noted that yes not a good variety in terms of food choices and that the the prices were also too high for what you get. Others said the food was decent but nothing special. Some reviewers also commented on the long tails which can sometimes be developed there to get your food.

Food court in the final area

But there were also a number of positive comments, customers noted that they really liked the specific items, especially for dinner. So there seems to be some success and some flaws in the End Zone Food Court.

ESPN Club – Disney’s BoardWalk

He ESPN Club (currently closed) is located next to Disney’s boardwalk, near Disney’s BoardWalk Inn, and is another on our list with some of the lowest AllEars scores. Overall, this site has 16 reviews and a rating of 6.38 / 10, and is recommended by 69% of reviewers.

Have you ever visited the ESPN club? © Disney

A review notes that the file prices were extremely high considering the food you get and the portion sizes. Others spoke specifically about how it was incredibly crowded and strong sometimes and like the waiting times could be long. However, there were also some positive reviews when talking about how it has good food and lots of TVs, but overall it seems that the price, the noise and the crowd made some people feel that this place was not the best.

Hurricane Hanna’s Waterside Bar & Grill – Disney’s Beach Club Resort

And finally, we end up with the worst of the list of Disney World hotel restaurants Hurricane Hanna’s Waterside Bar and Grill. With seven reviews, this site has an overall rating of 6.57 / 10 and is recommended by 86% of reviewers.

Category 5 cocktail of Hurricane Hanna

Although many noted that they liked the convenient location of this place near Stormalong Bay, several complained about the lack of seats. Others said the the food was average or they were not satisfied with some menu changes.

Hurricane Hanna

Overall, the lack of seats seemed to be mentioned quite a bit, so if you want to take a bite out of Hurricane Hanna in the future, this is something to keep in mind.

(Say) Honorable Mention

Some other restaurants with fairly low reviews include Good’s Food to Go at Disney’s Old Key West Resort, which only had five reviews, but got an overall rating of 6.4 / 10. Some pointed out that there was not much choice when it came to food and complained about the seats.

Good’s Food to Go

All POP! at Disney’s Pop Century Resort, for lunch and dinner, it didn’t get the highest reviews either. It had 30 reviews overall with a rating of 6.63 / 10 and was recommended by 77%. Some pointed out what the fast food service of the basic resort is like, how strong the place is and can get crowded, and that nothing on the menu really stood out.

But others mentioned that they loved the amount of options available and some of the specific dishes (like the famous Tie-Dye cheesecake).

Tot Pop

And this is our list of the best and worst Disney World hotel restaurants according to AllEars reviews. Which of these do you agree with or disagree with? Which hotel restaurants do you think should be on this list? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to leave your comments on our AllEars review pages.

We look forward to more reviews, tips and tricks that can help you plan your next Disney World vacation and let you know what we find. Stay tuned too!

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What do you think are the best and worst restaurants in the Disney World hotel? Tell us in the comments!

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