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There is no hip-hop culture without the contribution of women. And although women’s histor has historically been marginalized, under-represented, and underestimated in hip-hop, they have been able to exert an external influence on all aspects of culture, from style to the discourse statistics we use.

In the past, female rappers such as Roxanne calms down, Queen Latifah, Lil Kim, Suga T., Purchase, Gangsta Bu, And Eve Rise with the head of sexism to impress yourself in music and let it be known that rap will never again be just a boys club. And today, as rap music and business have evolved, hitmakers and culture have changed. Nicki Minaj, Cardi b, And Megan Thi Stallion Further on in the golden age of women rappers who are highly visible, widely respected and wildly successful.

Recognizing the bright future of women in the moment and rap, the editors of Spotify created it Feeling yourself Playlists specifically to support them. With more than 1.7 million followers, Spilify’s second fastest growing hip-hop playlist, Philin ‘Myself, currently highlights the prominent women in hip-hop and those who are next. Such an emerging talent Lekiah – A pping rapping, song, double threat who is a new addition to Quality Control Music, Leg Home Breakout Star Migos, Lil Yachi, City Girls and Lil Baby. Leki’s song “Young and ratchet“And”Much more“The playlist shows and positive evidence that Milwaukee-origin and Atlanta-based Spitters is a force that can be counted on to stand up to today’s major songwriters-regardless of their gender.

The story of the extraordinary talent and relentless perseverance from the local teenager’s papyrus to the viral sensation and now the QC signer Lekiah’s climb to the gates of Superstardom. At just 20 years old, self-proclaimed “The wife is a goat”- as the greatest of all time – this is the principle of Filin’ Myself Playlist, which mimics a developed rap scene with women at its forefront and reflects this moment. Spotify for Artists spoke to Lekia from the Atlanta Recording Studio where he is working on his upcoming project, Perfect timing, Talking so far about her career and being part of the current women-led vanguard of rap.

Tell us something about yourself. What do you want the world to know about Lekiah?

I really like music. Many people always ask, what do you like to do? And just like that, I came to make music. I’ve been living and listening to breathing songs since I was very young, and I started ppping rapping when I was 14 years old. It’s just in me, not in me, it’s really it.

Tell me about how you first started writing rhymes and songs.

I’ve always been a musical-inclined person because I knew I could sing, but when I first went to high school I did poetry and they [classmates] It was like, “You really think you can rap on an instrument.” Then, I went home, and, two days later, I did it The “so gone” challenge, And it was my first big viral moment, the first time I posted myself on Facebook. I uploaded it to YouTube and it just got a lot of attention, so I’m just continuing. I made my own rap story, like a rendition [R. Kelly’s] Stuck in the closet – it’s called “Random love story. “I’ve always been a” YouTube sensation “- or they call me that – or a viral sensation in my town.” It was me. People thought I was so light and out I was writing [for them] – But I knew I could rape.

It was actually a hobby at first. I decided to take it seriously. I was, “Girl, I had nothing to do after high school. As much as I went to school, I knew that if I went to college, it wasn’t something I really, really wanted for myself, so I’m like, I’m going to Atlanta and I am unmarried QC out [Quality Control] And they just have to sign me.

You have two aspects to your music: the aggressive boss-chic rapper who talks about all these things, and then this singer who gives these very short, emotional songs about relationships. Tell me about that two-pronged approach to being an artist.

I’m going to be honest. Like I said, it is Inside I, not on me. When I first came out, it was always a song about relationships, and it was only because I was a young girl thinking I knew what love was. They really came from the heart. I cried one time, I did one thing [Instagram Live]. A lot of times, it’s really me writing my feelings; I am blessed to be able to express my feelings on paper. I’m a fish – I’m very emotional, and all I do is cry. [Laughs]. The rest is my alter-ego and I’m a boss-ass bitch, that’s all I know.

Tell me about some of the things you wrote and how you decide what format to take the song.

When I wrote “Easy, ”I was really in my bag. I had to walk a week or two away from the studio. No matter what time I am, it is really me. If I am heartbroken, if I write a love song. If I hear a hard ass beat, it’s just easy.

It’s impressive. How old are you

I was 20 years old in February.

I’m confidential about some of your statistics, and from what I’ve seen, looking at the structure of your audience, two-thirds of your audience is female, and that means the music you’re creating is really connected to other women. How does it make you feel?

I’m glad people listened to me and said, “Yeah, bitch! I bought my own bag too. Fuck that nigga! My dad doesn’t have any money either.” [Laughs]

I think your success is proof of the fact that women are representing their passion, the scope of their ways of living, in music that has never been seen before. Tell me what it feels like to verify your art and your expression and have a place to talk about the content of your unique experience as a woman and it is well accepted.

I really love it. If you listen to my love songs, I try to tell a lot of imagery and a lot of stories in them. It’s something I’m really going through and other girls are going through too জান sometimes, people start saying, “I’m starting to think Lekia is fucking me and the same Niga!” [on social media and in comments]. It’s amazing to see that people can connect with it.

A lot of the time, I’m talking to my fans, and it’s about relationships, and they’ll be like, “‘ Too much ’got me through this, and‘ ‘The worst thing’ got me through a breakup. ”I just love it. I did not have such a person [growing up], Without Tink or Nicky [Minaj]; I didn’t have that kind of song. I’m glad I can be that kind of person for everyone now. I keep doing it because they like R&B-rap vibes.

Tell us about the running theme of the time you chose for your release title?

Me too [Pierre] “Urination” [Thomas] Always say, everything happens with perfect timing. It’s all about the perfect time. I don’t like the foundation [I do] Stop what is happening to others because everyone has their time. No matter what is happening in the industry right now, the word people are liking … everyone has their time, and I’m just getting crushed. Everything is based on the perfect timing, and mine is coming soon. That’s why we said at the appointed time. The songs are good, but, you know, one is going to pop, or a few, and, after that, it [game] On

I want to talk about a city whose name rarely comes up when we talk about hip-hop: Milwaukee. Tell us about the Milwaukee scene. It seems very Midwestern and Detroit, Flint-adjacent.

I’m glad you said Detroit and Flint-adjacent because it’s actually Milwaukee. We are their cousins. More of Chicago’s, e.g., drills and stuff. Detroit is our people. We love Detroit. Our culture is the same. As long as I know I grew up there, that was exactly my culture. I love [Detroit rapper] T. Grizzly and all the new artists that are coming out.

If we talk about Milwaukee in general, it’s as crazy as hell out there. I remember when they published a list of the top ten cities by homicide [rate], It was we were number two. It’s madness. It’s rough. I knew I really needed to move on to prosperity.

Let’s talk about how you started calling yourself a “female goat” in 2019. Put it as a title and tell me about owning it.

It’s just self-declaration. You have to tell now if you think this is going to happen [in the future], And I think I’m really a goat, my fanbase gave me that name. I dropped a little freestyle on Facebook, called “GOAT”, and I started the journey with it. Now, I’ve got a chain that says it, and I’ve got a song with City Girls that says it. It’s just me, and I’ve claimed it, and I really think I have to be the great one. I study greats. My mother forced me to listen to J-Z. I was a big fan of Young Money, Lil Wayne. [I like] Bar, metaphor, analogy. I believe I am going to be one of the best.

How do you feel about navigating the industry as a woman right now?

We came to this point when it was just Lil Kim and Eve and Nicky, and be [here now] Another 20 girls are doing it and people are comparing me to Cardi [B], Nicky [Minaj] And Megan [Thee Stallion]?!

Although being a girl in the industry was a little difficult, because that’s a lot of what they gave you. They talk about your body. You get a lot out of being a woman. You can’t talk about your pussy, even though men talk about selling drugs all day. And we’re just artists and we’re here to create. I, therefore, do what I say and do what I do. I’m not a female artist – I’m an artist, and I’m here to make and pop my shit.

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