How Disney + Premier Access has changed the film industry

COVID-19 has resulted in unprecedented times and the film industry has been very successful.

Black Widow at Disney Springs AMC Theaters

Disney has chosen to release several new movies streaming exclusively at Disney + for an additional fee or in theaters and streaming. HBO Max has also released new movies on its streaming service in addition to theaters.

How will these dual release formats impact films, actors, and profits? Will they continue in a post-COVID world? Let’s talk!

We recently learned that Scarlett Johannsen is suing Disney for the release of Black widow simultaneously at Disney + and in theaters, it raises serious questions about the future of the film industry and how it could change actors and viewers.

Black Widow © Disney

Disney has released titles like Mulan i Jungle cruise at Disney + Premier Access, which costs an additional $ 30 per version in addition to subscribing to the streaming service. HBO Max has also simultaneously aired new releases alongside the box office, at no additional cost.

Dwayne Johnson as Frank and Emily Blunt as Lily in JUNGLE CRUISE. Photo by Frank Masi. © 2020 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved.

Viewers have been left wondering if they would rather pay to see the new film at home or in a movie theater. If a large number of people choose to stay home in the foreseeable future, the implications for the film and film industry are serious.

Real-time transmission against box office

The film industry has struggled to recover from the closures of COVID-19. They now compete with streaming services that release new movies at a flat rate. Given the option, would patrons prefer to sit at home, with their own food and the ability to take a break whenever they need to, or possibly pay more to visit a theater?

AMC Dining Rooms at Disney Springs

Black widow earned more than $ 60 million thanks to the Disney + broadcast, which is a huge success for Disney, and we’ll look at what that can mean for advancing actors. Disney did not release sales of previous Premier Access movies like Cruella, Mulan, i Stripe and the last dragon.

© Disney

We are left with the question of whether the dual release format could be a permanent or temporary change. Are there more people who choose to stream new movies for COVID issues or for convenience? In a post-COVID world, will people still want to visit a theater when they can afford to see it at home?

The future of cinema

When Black widow It debuted at the box office, surpassing $ 100 million nationally, breaking opening records over the weekend during the pandemic. It was released at Disney + Premier Access the same weekend. Then we saw Black widow box office profits decline in the following weeks.

© Disney / Marvel

Scarlett Johannsen is suing Disney for breach of contract, as, like many actors, she had her performance at the box office incorporated. This is common in the contracts of many actors and part of their salary depends on box office profits. Johannsen’s team is ultimately worried about the option to watch Black widow at Disney + he allegedly sabotaged the box office and therefore his salary.

© Disney

Was the box office lower then because of COVID or because there are more people who prefer to watch a movie at home? And if the latter, could it definitely reduce the profits from box office launches? And if so, what would that mean for the actors and the audience moving forward?

Mulan © Disney

If the trend of simultaneous broadcasting and theatrical premieres continues, this could lead actors to negotiate higher wages to offset possible lower box office returns, or perhaps there will be a step to delay new releases of the broadcast because compete initially. Or maybe the dual release formats will stop altogether.

AMC Theater at Disney Springs

It is also possible that if higher wages are negotiated for actors, home transmission prices could rise. Right now, $ 30 is comparable to a typical two-person movie visit, but will people still be willing to pay if it gets to $ 40 or $ 50?

AMC Cinema at Disney Springs

We will be bound to see some changes in the film industry in the future and time will tell what they will be. In the meantime, we have many questions. Keep reading All Your Ears for all your news, Disney and others.

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What do you think of the dual format versions? Tell us in the comments!

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