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Mary Wolven is as talented as she is ambitious. Under Manik, Red girlThe 22-year-old singer-songwriter and producer has moved into the international indie world within five years of the release of his emotive breakout hit from his indigenous Norwegian bedroom pop musician. “I want to be your girlfriend, ”Which boasts more than 180 million streams on Spotify to date.

Announcing his inclusion in a recent interview Spotify’s radar program, He made his career goal very clear: “Occupy the world! This is what I am waiting for. Having my music in people’s ears – it’s like a great thing so far. [First] Radar, then world domination! While part of world domination may seem like something like a supervinee, the red-haired girl is just like any artist who pours their heart and soul into their music – she wants to be heard by as many people as possible. His team The beginning “We want to make him one of the biggest rockstars of his generation,” said Jacqueline Rossi, senior director of Awal’s Global Commercial Partnership team. “I think people are attracted to his music because it’s very honest, and he writes and produces almost everything.” Among them Radar Mini Dock, The red-haired girl went on to describe her career goals, “I want to make the biggest mosh hole in the world – and I want to be in the middle. [of it]. ”

After cultivating a fanbase with hit singles and EPs for the past few years, the red-haired girl has finally released her first full-length album, If I can calm it down On April 30, the metaphor took Moses Pitt one step further to make it a reality. In planning its release strategy, the AWAL team used Marquee’s recent international expansion to run a multi-market campaign একটি one in Australia and New Zealand on the day of the album’s release and another one a week or two later in the United States and Canada.

“We’ve been trying to make as much noise as possible since the album was released. The record was there from the start and with that knowledge, they’ll go back and listen that week. AWAL’s strategy has paid off. The audience conversion rate in Australia is 17.6% and in New Zealand.” Not only has it reached 18.6%, the team has also achieved its charting target.

In the United States, they adopted a different approach. Rossi and the girl in the red team at AWAL wanted to create a release moment that capitalizes on recent visibility from Spotify ventures like Radar. AWAL launched the U.S. campaign a week after their release because they wanted to, according to Rossi, “… give people a chance to discover the album. [our] Release-week [marketing] Activity and then, hopefully, get another wave of people [we] This did not reach the marketing effort. To enable this strategy, they targeted two segments of its audience – the recently interested and casual audience. “Recently interested [listeners] Especially to those who have discovered him through radar or new [terrestrial] Radio broadcasts, and then casual [listeners], Because we are always looking for ways to turn casual fans into a thinner audience. ”

Despite differences in regional campaign strategies, viewers across the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand expressed a desire to continue streaming – after watching Marquee, 42% of listeners saved a track from the album or added it to their playlist. “I think these are some of the highest intent rates I’ve seen in any Marquee campaign,” Rossi said. “It’s great to get a stream or two, but they’re enjoying the music, and saving it and adding it to their playlists knowing … we know how valuable it is. It’s great to see that intent rate.”

In an economy of attention where awareness is everything, Rossi sees Marquee as a powerful tool for transforming audiences into big fans: “People need to provide content more than once to establish an identity. [with an artist] – In particular, casual fans. They might not think, ‘Oh, does he have an album? Does he have anything else? ‘I admit, as a consumer, how valuable it is to get [Marquee] Notice, right there when you go and get ready to listen to music. All you have to do is click. As a key element of Marquee’s overall marketing approach, the red-target girl of “world domination” doesn’t seem far-reaching. In the near future, the most common answer to the question “Do you hear the red girl?There will be a “yes” anywhere in the world.

Marquee Beta continues to expand worldwide, so follow our site for the latest updates. If you are interested in using Marquee to target audiences in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, submit your information Here To book a campaign through a Spotify representative. In the US, we are slowly launching a new campaign management tool on Spotify for artists. If your team is in the United States, set yours Billing country In the United States to join the beta next month.

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